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How To Crochet a Large Granny Square (so it stays square)

If you know how to crochet then you likely know how to make a granny square. (If you don’t here’s a tutorial on how to make a granny square.)

I’ve made small squares, medium-sized squares and a large granny square. However, I’ve always had a problem when making a large granny square; the square would end up, well, less than square. Once the square would get to, say bigger than ten rows, it would lean to one side, look crooked and just generally displeasing to this crocheter’s eye. But hurrah! I’ve figured out how to overcome this worrisome predicament.

crochet granny square blanket afghan

And I’m pleased to say it’s a pretty simple solution. I’m sure I’m not the first to work it out but that’s no reason not to do a happy dance. I tried the technique on The Hodge Podge blanket. All it took was turning the blanket after each row. Instead of crocheting round and round, I crocheted a round, flipped the blanket over and started another row. You can see below where the “seam” is in the blanket, where I’ve turned it over after each row. Of course if you are making each row in one colour you won’t see the seam. I’m not worried about it on The Hodge Podge, because well, the whole point of The Hodge Podge is not to worry!

crochet blanket granny square turning crooked lean seam
There’s an added benefit to turning after each row. There is no “front” or “back” to the blanket.

crochet blanket granny square multicoloured multicolored stripey
A lovely, lovely, straight granny square. Made with a pretty whack assortment of colours. Today’s message from Life Lessons Katie Learnt from Crochet – sometimes you have to turn something upside down to find the solution. And I thought it was just crochet!


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