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Look What I Made: Amelie Cape

This weekend I finally found time to do a little sewing! My clever friend Thouraya from Amelie and Atticus has just released her very cute Amelie Cape pattern so I whipped up a wee cape. I chose the 1-3 years size and used the cape as an excuse to finally use some of The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric in my stash. I paired it with some pink polka dots. See, when you buy fabric for no reason always it ends up coming in handy at some point. (Says every fabric hoarder, everywhere.)


The cape is fully reversible and perfect for making Frozen princess capes for little Elsas and Annas. (For the record, Anna is my favourite. I think she’s the real star of the show. And she’s kinda a redhead.) I made the hooded option with a tie but I think I might try the collared version next. Pop over to the Amelie and Atticus store to purchase your pattern or visit the Amelie and Atticus blog to win yourself a copy.



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Look What I Made: Vintage Sheet Quilt No.3

Vintage Sheets Quilt

I’m in love. Again. They said it would happen again for me, and it has. I’m in love with this quilt. And all of the ones before it actually. I was surprised to realise this is my ninth finished quilt.

Vintage Sheets Quilt
Anyone who quilts has a few unfinished quilt tops in their stash, but we don’t like to speak too much about those. Especially when we are so in love with the new quilt on top of the pile.

Vintage Sheets Quilt

Vital Stats:

Finished quilt number nine
Finished size – 120cm x 94cm
Quilt top – 154 10.5cm squares cut from vintage sheets, purchased from local thrift shops, Etsy and some swapped with fellow vintage sheet lover Thouraya
Batting – 100% cotton
Backing – A pink floral vintage sheet that I adore, purchased locally
Quilting – Vertical and horizontal lines on both sides of the seams
Binding – 1/4 inch double fold cross-grain hand sewn binding 

Vintage Sheets Quilt

I’ve been thinking lately about why we make the things we do. I know I make things (bake, crochet, sew) because I like the process of making. I like the creativity of it. I like that I can make something to share or give. But I wonder why we are often drawn to making a particular type of thing. Whether it’s crochet or sewing, I’m drawn to blankets and toys. Why is that? Both my mother and grandmother knitted, however both made clothes and toys, I don’t remember either making blankets. Perhaps there is no real rhyme or reason behind it, but I have a sneaking suspicion there is. Something to ponder, perhaps.

Vintage Sheets Quilt

This quilt has been added to the I-could-not-possibly-part-with-it pile. It’s a keeper this one!

Vintage Sheets Quilt


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Look What I Made: Scrappy Vintage Sheet Quilted Pillow Case

Vintage sheets

This pillow case is made entirely of leftovers. The scraps are off-cuts from my vintage sheet quilts. The binding was a piece not used in my pink and grey quarter-square triangle quilt. The back piece of the case is part of a grey sheet I used on Lauren’s vintage sheet quilt.


So this project was really free right? I didn’t buy any new materials, I modified the design to suit what I had on hand. Free craft! Love it. It reminds me of my friend Jackie, who considers it to be “free baseball” when a game goes over nine innings. Those extra innings? Free baseball! Extra time in a basketball game? Free basketball! A blanket made of scraps? Free craft! Get on board with free craft. It’s totally a thing. In fact our grandmothers or great-grandmothers likely did free craft. Out of necessity and a desire not to waste. Back when drinking out of Mason jars was done because there weren’t enough glasses or cups to go ’round the whole family dinner table, and patchwork quilts were made from scraps of fabric so you wouldn’t freeze during cold winter nights. Food for thought perhaps.

Vintage sheets

Edited to add:

It occurs to me now that I should add some notes on how I actually made it. In case I forget and want to make another!

For the front I sewed scraps together in rows and then trimmed the sides down so they were straight. The rows are different widths, and I didn’t measure anything. I just matched up scraps of similar widths. I then sewed the rows together until the piece was roughly as big as a standard pillow case. I quilted the top with some cotton batting and a leftover piece of a grey sheet. I added binding to one end of the top.

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Look What I Made: Vintage Sheet Quilt No.2

VIntage Sheet Quilt

I’ve been going through my stash and finishing up some half-completed projects this week as you might have noticed. This quilt is smaller than the first vintage sheet quilt I made a few years ago, however the squares are larger at a finished size of 7½ inches each.

VIntage Sheet Quilt

Vital Stats:

Finished quilt number eight
Finished size – 114cm x 114cm
Quilt top – 36 squares cut from vintage sheets, mostly purchased from Etsy
Batting – 100% cotton
Backing – A purple floral vintage sheet, purchased locally
Quilting –  Three lines on the diagonal  through each square intersection
Binding – 1/4 inch double fold cross-grain hand sewn binding 


I swear those lines are actually straight!
VIntage Sheet Quilt

Thouraya from Amelie and Atticus has been playing with vintage goodness too, check out her latest quilt!
VIntage Sheet Quilt

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Look What I Made: Rainbow Quilt



It’s crazy to think of how much has changed for me since I started collecting squares of fabric with the idea of making a rainbow quilt back in 2011. Perhaps I should make a prediction now about what the next three years will hold for me, just to see how wrong I am! One thing remains the same, I love fabric and yarn rainbows!


Vital Stats:

Finished quilt number seven
Finished size – 130cm x 105cm
Quilt top – 180 squares from my stash, with a couple from my friend Leonie
Batting – 100% cotton
Backing – One piece of aqua fabric – “Bijoux” a Stonehill Collection by Donna Wilder for Fabric Traditions 2012 (It was an extremely tight squeeze to get the backing to fit the quilt, but thankfully it worked out!)
Quilting –  Two vertical lines parallel to each vertical seam
Binding – 1/4 inch double fold cross-grain hand sewn binding



Look What I Made: Summer Song Quilt

patchwork quilt
I’m not sure when I started this quilt, probably not long after I finished the first quilt I ever made. I thought it was about time it was added to the done pile. The quilt top fabric is Summer Song by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake. For the first quilt I made with this fabric I used the pink blossom fabric for the binding. This time I made binding from the same orange fabric I used for the backing. Summer Song is still my favourite fabric range of all time! I also used it to make a needle book for my Nanna last year. I have some left, not sure what to make with it. Suggestions?


Quilty Facts:
Size – 104cm x 78cm
Squares –  108. Arranged in an alternating light and dark pattern.
Quilt top – Summer Song by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake (2010 range)
Backing – orange spots from Spotlight (no marking on selvedge)
Binding – Hand sewn cross-grain binding
Batting – 100% cotton

(I just noticed the Hodge Podge No.2 blanket
makes an appearance in this shot below! )

Look What I Made: Pink and Grey Triangle Baby Quilt


baby quilt quarter square triangles

I finished this quilt up last week, staying up way too late hand sewing the binding on. For some reason the binding is my favourite part of quilting. Besides choosing and buying fabrics, but that goes without saying doesn’t it? It’s a small quilt, and was made for two reasons: I love these colours together and I love triangle quilts. The placement of the blocks is random, I didn’t play with it too much. The fabrics are all from my stash, with coordinating binding and backing.

baby quilt Katie's Kitchen Blog

Vital Stats:
Finished quilt number five
Finished size – 74cm x 63cm
Six fabrics, 100% cotton batting
42 quarter-square triangles
1/4 inch double-fold cross-grain binding




Other quilts I’ve made:
Summer Song by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake
Vintage Sheet Quilt
Solid Triangle Baby Quilt
Fly A Kite by October Afternoon for Riley Blake


Work in Progress

I’m a girl on a mission at the moment. I’m on a self-imposed ban on starting new crochet projects until I finish the UFOs (unfinished objects) in my stash. This is following on from my self-imposed 10-day ban on crochet altogether. It’s a bit all-or-nothing with me sometimes, isn’t it? Anyway, I had a bit of a rest from crochet last month but am back in full swing now. I’ve actually already crossed off one UFO from my list this month.

UFOs to be finished:
* baby granny-square blanket
* baby wool ripple blanket
* hodge podge #2
* African flowers cushion
* large granny square
* neon chevron cushion

The good news is this baby ripple blanket I started in, um, 2009 is almost done. Why did I stop working on it for so long? It’s Shepherd Baby Wool Marino 4ply on a 3mm hook. I’m wondering what to do with the leftover yarn.

And in other crafty adventures I’ve been sewing here and there, most recently this wee pink and grey quilt. It will be pram-sized when finished and all fabric is from my stash. In another case of “Katie Isn’t Quite as Bright” it took me quite a few days to work out what this quilt block might be called. It’s a combination of two half-square triangles. What about quarter-square triangles, Katie? So obvious in hindsight.


My points are getting better the more I quilt but here’s a bit of a reality check – not everything I make is perfect. Far from it! Sometimes the pursuit of perfection can be stifling. I wish I could put that fear of failing aside more often. Or, I should say the fear of being less-than-great-at-something aside. In the spirit of not stressing about perfection here are two shots of the quilt, taken at different times so the colours look a little different in each shot. Scandalous! And those points! I guess they aren’t too bad, are they?


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Look What I Made: Elise Dolls for Softies for Mirabel

Just quick snap which you may have seen on Instagram or Facebook. Three dolls, made with the cute Elise Doll pattern by Erin from Candy Kirby Designs.

handmade sewing doll softie toy
Roxy, Matilda and Betty Mae
At least two of these girls are going to Softies for Mirabel along with Eddie.
(Their names aren’t planned in advance, they just come to me when the softie is nearly finished)

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Softies for Mirabel 2013

I’ve started early this year as I skipped last year’s appeal. It’s Softies for Mirabel time, that’s where Pip inspires a bunch of us crafty people to make soft toys for some kids who could do with some extra treats. The Mirabel Foundation looks out for kids with parents affected by substance abuse. It’s a great cause so get sewing, knitting or crocheting and send a toy or two down to Pip. They don’t have to be fancy, just sturdy and made with a little love. All of the details are below. Here is my first softie for the 2013 appeal. His name is Eddie the owl and he is made from a pattern by Star Primm of My Tiny Star. Here are the softies I made in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

owl, softies for mirabel, softies

Eddie is snoozing as I’ve run out of black felt and couldn’t make round eyes! But owls do sleep a lot, right?


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