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Update: A Very Vintage Wedding

We got married! On a sunny Saturday in November (yes, six months ago). In a gorgeous little community hall – Woodville School of Arts and Community hall in Woodville (Maitland, NSW). You can hire the hall for three days and bring in anything and everything your heart desires for your event. Perfect weather not included, but we seemed to get it! We were in engaged in June and planned a short engagement with a Spring wedding. Then we found out our family was about to become a family of three so our baby boy was right there with us. We didn’t know he was a boy back then though!

Of course I wanted to use vintage linens in the wedding decor. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how understanding and accommodating my husband is. He likes the nostalgia and romance of a lot of the vintage things I like, but I thought a vintage sheet wedding might be pushing his limits. It wasn’t. He repeatedly told me he wanted our wedding to be just as I wanted. I didn’t want to spend a fortune. Neither did husband. All we wanted was an afternoon with our family and friends. I liked the idea of old school weddings where women bought a plate to share and you were married in your parents’ backyard. With that in mind, we planned our wedding with the help of some very special people.

We were married under a beautiful Cape Chestnut tree on the hall grounds, which just happened to be in full bloom. The wind that threatened to cause havoc ultimately only added to the picture, blowing pretty pink petals around us. The chairs belonged to the hall so we didn’t need to hire them. And do know you what? We were married by the end of the ceremony even without paying for white chair covers. I don’t think anyone minded either.

This little bunting photo album was $4 from The Reject Shop, with photos printed at home.

We bought drinks and hired a fridge to keep them cool; my lovely family helped bring the drinks inside for people to help themselves. The frames were all second-hand, and husband spray painted them for me. I donated them back to the op shop after the wedding.

I was a little disappointed the lovely big chrysanthemums we ordered were replaced with daisies. They were pretty but didn’t have the same impact. My auntie did a great job of arranging them in tin cans (I collected for months) which were adorned with a strip of lace. I narrowly avoided the Mason jar cliché but still wanted to use something cost-effective, and easy to find and make. The doilies were sourced from local op shops, I shopped around and didn’t pay more than a dollar or two for each.

Is there any better friend than one who offers to help with decorations? Jess made this bunting which was attached to an op-shopped tablecloth. My Nanna thought I’d pinched it from her cupboard! That says a lot about my tastes.

My hair was by Leah Ferguson Hair & Makeup and makeup by Georgia at Sublime Hair Skin Body. I didn’t skimp on these two things as when else does a girl get to be made up to look all pretty? Our photographs by Peaches on Sunday were great, all we wanted was a record of the day and those who were there. Jaz did exactly as we requested and as we only hired her for two hours it made having professional photographs affordable. It also took the pressure off asking a friend or relative to do it for us.

I bought my dress online from Tiffany Rose, their service was great. I ordered two and returned the one I didn’t want without any fuss. It was a risk buying from the UK but it worked out perfectly.

A benefit of marrying a carpenter is he can hang your vintage sheet bunting from way too high on a ladder with no trouble. The fabric was all from my stash and I made metres and metres of it. The hall had just been painted so it looked extra special. The stage and the grounds outside meant the kids had plenty of room to run amuck. What’s a wedding without kids, I say.

While we hired Caterforce catering to cook and serve finger food, my wish for homemade desserts came true. My relatives helped by bringing a plate (or five), and there were plenty of gluten-free options. Jess’s sister-in-law gifted us the delicious cupcakes, because you know I wasn’t going to get married without cupcakes. The sweets table was popular so there were not enough leftovers for my liking! I made Kitchen Sink Cookies but somehow they weren’t put out for guests, so I guess I got my leftovers after all.

The Chocolate Jaffa Mudcake from Bec’s Cake Creations was a wedding gift to us from a very special relative. We would have gone with something more simple otherwise, but it was lovely to have a “real” wedding cake for guests to taste.

The favours were good, old-fashioned lolly bags. I wanted a thank you that people could enjoy without giving them something to clutter up their home. On the front of the bag was a scrap of vintage fabric and a Project Life card. I bought the incomplete sets of cards on Ebay for much less than buying a whole packs.

At the end of the day we had the wedding we wished for. Lots of loved ones in a casual and relaxed afternoon gathering. We were blessed with so many guests, well wishes and gifts. And now we are living our happily ever after.


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8 Years of Katie’s Kitchen Blog

Have you noticed Facebook sometimes likes to remind you of what you were doing on this day a year ago? I woke up to Facebook telling me on August 26, 2014 I was in the audience watching Queen with Adam Lambert. How can it be 12 months since that night already? I remember so much of that specific evening. It was a happy day, not least of all because I spent some of it sending text messages back and forth with a very good-looking member of the opposite sex!

ripple rainbow blanket

According to Facebook, the year before I was doing an 8km fun run, raising money for research into Parkinson’s Disease, in honour of my beloved Uncle Alan. I knocked 3 minutes off my P.B. that day. I was really into running, really enjoying it. It was bittersweet, I was happy to be fit enough to run well, but sad that my uncle’s body was letting him down and there was nothing we could do to help.


Facebook didn’t stop there. On August 26, 2011 I was in Brisbane at a work event – the opening of an exhibition of the photographs of Magnum Photos photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. I was in a happy place, I was lucky enough to be working with images taken by my photographic idols for a living.


What Facebook couldn’t tell me was that eight years ago, on August 26, I decided to start a blog. I didn’t really know what I was doing, or what I expected it to become. I wasn’t doing it for anyone other than myself. But it was fun and a good distraction for me when I wasn’t in a great place, searching for a new job. I don’t blog too often now, and when I do it’s more crochet and sewing than cooking and baking. I don’t bake as often as I used to, but I like that this blog holds a record of a hobby that I enjoyed so much and that was such a part of my identity for so long. Back in 2008 I didn’t know how to crochet and I hadn’t sewn anything bigger than a tote bag.

handmade sewing doll softie toy

Will Katie’s Kitchen around in another eight years? I do hope so. Just for me, and for anyone who likes the things I do. Who knows where I’ll be then, what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be doing it. I can say that on August 26, 2015 I’m doing pretty well. I’m excited about the coming year, and goodness, about the next eight years really. I’ve been counting my blessing lately, there are things I’d change about my life if I could but I’m doing well and have many things in my life that make me happy. I don’t need Facebook to tell me that.



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Look What I Made: Crochet Blankets

Five years of crochet, 20 blankets completed.

Granny Stripe Blanket (Wedding present for Katherine and David)

Rainbow Granny Stripe Blanket

Ripple Blanket (Wedding present for Jessica and Eugene)

Rainbow Baby Ripple Blanket (for Archie)

rianbow crochet blanket
Mulitcoloured Ripple Blanket

granny square crochet blanket afghan
Eight-Colour Granny Square Throw (for Nanna)

Baby Blanket (for baby Kee)

crochet granny square
Rainbow Granny Square Blanket (for Amy)

Granny square
The Hodge Podge Large Granny Square Blanket (for me)

crochet chevron blanket yellow white
Chevron Crochet Blanket (Wedding present for Michelle and Tim)

Baby Granny Square Blanket

Rainbow Ripple Blanket

Ripple Baby Blanket

White Woollen Granny Square Blanket (for me)

Grey Granny Stripe Blanket

Black Granny Stripe Blanket


Chevron Baby Blankets x2

Crochet granny square blanket

Hodge Podge No. 2

White granny stripe crochet blanket

White Granny Stripe Blanket


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Goodbye 2014

I didn’t post this on December 31st because I wasn’t quite ready to see the end of 2014. I wasn’t sure I’d done “enough” in 2014 for it to be over already. Not enough in a creative sense, more in a what-am-I-doing-with-my-life sort of way. There wasn’t a great deal of baking last year, and most of it was old favourites like Snickerdoodles, Kitchen Sink Cookies and Caramel Slice. Looking back, I think the only new recipe I tried was Impossible Pie after I heard about it for the first time and was immediately curious as to why I hadn’t come across it earlier.


On the craft front I managed to finish up a few projects that had been on hiatus, and started and finished quite a few more. It looks like 2014 was Year of the Blanket.

Top row: White Granny Stripe Blanket, Pink and Grey Quarter-Square Triangle Quilt, Vintage Sheet Quilt No.2, Hodge Podge No.2
Second row: Scrappy Vintage Sheet Pillow Case, Summer Song Quilt No.2, Grey Granny Stripe Blanket, Vintage Sheet Quilt No.4
Third row: Baby Granny Square Blanket, Baby Ripple Blanket, White Granny Square Blanket, Vintage Sheet Quilt No.3
Bottom row: Chevron Baby Blanket, Rainbow Quilt, Chevron Baby Blanket, Black Granny Stripe Blanket

Here’s to a 2015 filled with good times and sweet treats.

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Keeping Up with Katie

* October is halfway over already, 2014 will be here before we know it. This year hasn’t been too bad to me, but I’m considering it as just a warm-up for 2014. But there is plenty of 2013 left, including the wedding of one of my besties in less than two weeks. That means less than two weeks to finish the biggest crochet blanket I’ve ever made. It’s a wedding gift for the couple and it’s still a secret design and colour scheme so stay tuned until the wedding bouquet has been thrown. (Throw it my way Michelle, can’t hurt can it?) The blanket is big and heavy and warm, 100% Australian wool. All will be revealed soon! In lieu of any photos of the blanket here are some pretty wedding-ish flowers.


* In other crochet news, I’m totally and hopelessly addicted to Hoooked Zpagetti. You could say I was hooked, but that’d be too cheesy wouldn’t it. I’ve been making these fun baskets and a couple of drink bottle bags. The baskets come together so quickly [relative to the epic (my description) blanket projects I usually work on] and I love the colours of the yarn. You can buy Zpagetti online or at Free Range Living in Kurnell if you are in Sydney. I do think Hoooked should just send the truck straight to my place and deliver one of each colour in their range to me! On the regular. (Pics via Instagram)

hoooked zpagetti

Katie’s Fashion Tip #19 – Always match your drink bottle bag to your nail polish.



These three baskets are already in their new home, love these colours together. I’ve got quite a few baskets ready to go, and Christmas is really just around the corner so do let me know if you’d like one or two. I’ll pop some in my Etsy store soon.


* October is breast cancer awareness month so there is a fair bit of pink going around. Which is a good thing, in my opinion!


Let me say it again, there is no point doing all of these awareness campaigns and fund-raising if you don’t help yourself. Get checked by your doctor, and if you aren’t happy get a second opinion. No one is too young, but catching things early is always the best option for a full recovery. I’ll be hosting my annual Girls Night In early next month and I have my eye on this special edition Ecoya candle. Sweet Pea and Jasmine is my favourite Ecoya scent and happens to be the two flowers that remind me of my mum. All proceeds of this special edition Ecoya and Model Co. Sweet Pea and Jasmine candle goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. And shipping is free for Australia and New Zealand. Perfect for yourself or to put away for Christmas. For yourself. Or for your friend Katie.



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Keeping Up with Katie

Yes, the title of this post reeks of Kardashian-ness but let’s roll with it. I like alliteration. Today I thought I’d share some things I’ve been doing and things I’ve found recently.

* A few people have asked if I still bake. The answer is yes, and when I do I still enjoy it. I haven’t been baking as much just for fun though. And when I do bake it’s mostly old favourites like kitchen sink cookies, Hawaiian carrot cake or vanilla cupcakes.

* My fascination with rainbows continues as I’m working on a scrappy quilt. I’ve been collecting squares since 2009 or 2010 and have finally finished the top.

rainbow quilt

Thanks to Leonie for supplying a couple of squares! I still love the look of simple patchwork quilts. Piecing them together is such a test of my patience and skills though. I do learn with every quilt I make but I doubt I’ll ever get to a point where I don’t see the flaws in my work. Quilting this one is going to take a while but I’m not in a hurry to finish it. I will finish it before starting another quilt though. Maybe.

* These greeting cards by La La Land are cute! I love cards and keep everyone I’ve been given. I’d have to double-check but I think I have kept the cards from each of my birthdays. I’m not a hoarder but I am pretty sentimental.


This year was the quietest birthday with three cards. Two of which were the same design coincidently. The card must really scream “Katie!” to my friends.

* I love so many of the prints by Inaluxe (made up of the talented Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd), but this one is at the top of my wish list. It’d go so nicely with the print I already own. It’s pretty much my style in a nutshell – simple, colourful and a little retro.


* Ballarat Patchwork is closing down so all stock is 40% off. That’s a great deal! But stock is selling fast. The Remnant Warehouse in Sydney is having a sale later this week.

* I saw Pink in concert last week. Yes, I do go to concerts that don’t feature Bon Jovi. (Just not very often.) This lady knows how to put on a show. And she can sing. While upside down. Her up-tempo songs are great for running but I think I enjoy her ballads most. Pink did a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time and Chris Issack’s Wicked Game. “Amaze” as the kids say these days. Although “the kids” probably weren’t born when either of those songs were first released. Goodness, I must be a grown-up after all.


That’s all from me and my kitchen for now,



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Goodbye 2012


Ah, what to say about 2012? Perhaps I’ll just say it didn’t go to plan. At all. But with the new year comes new beginnings. May your new year be full of good times, sweet treats and dreams that come true.

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Merry Christmas

The cookies have been baked (and almost all eaten) and the pie is in the oven. To those who celebrate have a wonderful day with your loved ones.

What’s Christmas without a Bon Jovi song or two? No need to thank me. Merry Christmas!


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My Crafty Friends

I am lucky enough to hang out with some pretty talented and crafty people; here are just two I think you should know about:

One of my besties Jess (with another friend, Phoebe) just launched her own range of canvas bags. The bags are designed in Australia and finished with genuine leather. They all have nifty interior pockets, including one just for your drink bottle. I’d stash a small pair of scissors and a crochet hook inside of course.

Check out the Made Beautiful site for the full range. I’m hoping Santa brings me this striped version!


My crafty friend Thouraya has a range of vintage-inspired clothing for little ones called Amelie and Atticus. She makes adorable capes, dresses and bloomers and has two of the cutest models around. You can check out her handmade pieces at Shorties in Newton, Sydney or online in her Etsy Store. She blogs her creative adventures too. (Check out the costumes she makes!)

Amelie and Atticus

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Recently I made another elephant, for J & E’s baby due in January. The pink in the ears is a not-so-subtle nod to the fact I think the baby is going to be a girl!

Dottie the elephant. Fabric is Summer Song by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake. Pattern by Retro Mama.

I have been trying to eat well, and working out consistently. Trying to take heed of the one piece of advice that I’ve been told so many times this year – “Look after yourself!”

Clockwise from left: Ham, cottage cheese and corn relish wrap. Cinnamon butternut pumpkin and feta salad. Steak with mustard mushroom sauce and beans. Beef fajita with natural yoghurt.

And of course I’ve baked – this week the ever-popular kitchen sink cookies and Pioneer Woman’s infamous cinnamon buns.

Here’s hoping the coming week is filled with more craftiness, good eats and a dash of good fortune!

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