Look What I Made



Rainbow Hexagon Blanket
Rainbow Hexagon Blanket (for Orson)
Giant Granny Squares Blanket
Corner-to-Corner Blue Blanket (for Debora)

Warm Granny Square
Ripple Wedding Blanket (for Kimberly and Stewart)
White Granny Stripe Blanket
Hodge Podge No. 2
Chevron Baby Blankets x2
Black Granny Stripe Blanket
Grey Granny Stripe Blanket
White Woollen Granny Square Blanket (for me)
Ripple Baby Blanket
Rainbow Ripple Blanket
Baby Granny Square Blanket
Chevron Crochet Blanket (Wedding present for Michelle and Tim)
The Hodge Podge Large Granny Square Blanket (for me)
Rainbow Granny Square Blanket (for Amy)
Baby Blanket (for baby Kee)
Eight-Colour Granny Square Throw (for Nanna)
Mulitcoloured Ripple Blanket
Rainbow Baby Ripple Blanket (for Archie)
Ripple Blanket (Wedding present for Jessica and Eugene)
Rainbow Granny Stripe Blanket
Granny Stripe Blanket (Wedding present for Katherine and David)

Toys and misc:

Cowl Neck Poncho 
Kindle Cover
Mr Ladybug (for Christopher)
Banana Cosy (for Tori)
Round Crocheted Cushion (for Eve)
Christmas Baubles
Crochet Cupcake
Amigurumi Panda
Amigurumi Yoda (for Christopher)



Jelly Roll Quilt (for Harry)
Memory Quilt
Patchwork Quilt
Christmas Quilt
Favourite Vintage Sheet Quilt No.8
Blue, Green and Purple Vintage Sheet Baby Quilt No.7

Pink, Yellow and Orange Vintage Sheet Baby Quilt No.6
The Linen Cupboard Quilt
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.5
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.4
Vintage Sheet Quilt No. 3
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.2
Rainbow Quilt
Summer Song Quilt N0. 2
Pink and Grey Quarter-Square Triangle Quilt
Fly a Kite Quilt
Vintage Sheet Quilt (for Lauren)
Triangle Baby Quilt (for Archie)
My First Quilt (for Lily)

Handy Zippered Bags
Lunch Bag (for Michelle)
Reversible Bag 3
Scrappy Make-up Pouch (for Kimberly)
Reversible Bag 2 (for Nanna)
Jane Market bag
Reversible Bag 1 (for Nanna)
Lidija the Elephant

Benny the Elephant (for Penelope)
Pumpkin and Phoebe (Softies for Mirabel 2011)
Softies for Mirabel 2009 and 2010
Reversible Bag 1 (for Nanna)
Lidija the Elephant

Buddy and Betty the Elephants (for Adam and Maggie)
Bella Bunny
Easter Eggs

Amelie Cape
Scrappy Vintage Sheet Quilted Pillow Case
Needle Book (for Nanna)
Reversible Baby Bonnet
Apron (for Elise)

Craft and Decor

Thank You Cards
Father’s Day 2010 Dessert Table
RSPCA Cupcake Day 2010 Cupcake Toppers
Christmas Crackers

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  1. i know that amigurumis are hulgey popular now, and alot of knitters are jumping on the crochet bandwagon. BUT there is a growing number of sewers out there (thanks to amy butler and lotta jansdotter). with embroidery, i still feel like i’m the only one, but i hope that gains some steam too. you will totally grow your audience if you broaden your mediums! go for it! (that’s my 2 cents worth)

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