Look What I Made: Baby Granny Square Blanket


This baby-size (pram-size really) granny square blanket is another I can cross off my to-do list. The coloured yarn is Stylecraft Special Double Knit, left over from my granny stripe and ripple blankets. The cream is Panda Magnum Soft 8ply which I think gives the blanket a warm vintage feel. I think I made all of the granny squares in 2012 but took my time weaving in the ends and adding the border. Happy to add this one to the “done” pile!


Vital Stats:
Finished size – 60cm x 54cm
Yarn – Panda Magnum Soft and Stylecraft Special DK
80 granny squares, joined on-the-go. Two rounds of colour, one of cream.
Border is four rows of cream.




granny square crochet

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Look What I Made: Ripple Baby Blanket

Back in November I made a pledge to finish all of the UFOs (unfinished objects) in my stash before starting any new crochet projects. This is the second half-finished venture I can cross off my list, finally.


Why did this blanket take so long to finish? I started it Feb 14, 2010. Finished it Jan 10, 2014. Granted, it did sit in a box, half-finished, for quite a few of the months (years?) between the start and finish dates. And, I did make, um, about a dozen other blankets in that time.


The yarn was lovely to work with, although it is the finest I’ve used. It’s a 4ply merino with a recommendation of a 3.25mm hook. I have almost a skein of each eight colours left, any suggestions on what to use it for?


Vital stats:
Finished size – 92cm x 82cm
Hook size - 3mm
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Merino 4ply in eight colours purchased from Lincraft
Pattern -  Based on Attic24′s Neat Ripple Pattern.
56 rows, planned out eight rows at a time to ensure each colour was used equally.
Two borders, the first to straighten the curved edges.


UFOs to be finished:
* baby granny-square blanket
* baby wool ripple blanket
* hodge podge #2
* African flowers cushion
* large granny square
* neon chevron cushion


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Look What I Made: Pink and Grey Triangle Baby Quilt


baby quilt quarter square triangles

I finished this quilt up last week, staying up way too late hand sewing the binding on. For some reason the binding is my favourite part of quilting. Besides choosing and buying fabrics, but that goes without saying doesn’t it? It’s a small quilt, and was made for two reasons: I love these colours together and I love triangle quilts. The placement of the blocks is random, I didn’t play with it too much. The fabrics are all from my stash, with coordinating binding and backing.

baby quilt Katie's Kitchen Blog

Vital Stats:
Finished quilt number five
Finished size – 74cm x 63cm
Six fabrics, 100% cotton batting
42 quarter-square triangles
1/4 inch double-fold cross-grain binding




Other quilts I’ve made:
Summer Song by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake
Vintage Sheet Quilt
Solid Triangle Baby Quilt
Fly A Kite by October Afternoon for Riley Blake

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Look What I Made: Chevron Crochet Blanket

crochet chevron blanket yellow white
It took me longer to decide on the pattern and colour scheme for this project than it did to actually make. Oh, the pressure! Oh, the self-imposed pressure to make a wedding present for one of my very best friends. The pressure to make something they love as much as I loved making it.  Oh, the commitment! Oh, the commitment it takes to start on such a big project. When you spend a fair bit of time with any crochet project it is preferable to love it. Of course I loved making this big, warm and cosy wool blanket. And of course I wanted to keep it for myself once it was done!

crochet chevron blanket yellow white

Blankety facts:
* The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply in Cream and Sunflower with a 5mm hook
* The chevron pattern is by Babylove Brand
* It’s 150cm wide
* I used six balls of each colour, with a little leftover (each ball is 200gm)

crochet chevron blanket yellow white

To Michelle and Tim, it doesn’t get much better than being married to your best friend. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you both. I hope it’s nothing but happiness for many years to come. Thank you for asking me to be a part of your special day!
crochet chevron blanket yellow white
crochet chevron blanket yellow white


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Girls’ Night In 2013

This year’s Girls’ Night In. Ingredients included: Plenty of pink.


Goody bags. A must. Filled with pink Hello Kitty Jelly Bellys. (Available at IGA in Sydney)


And a handmade polymer clay necklace for each guest.


And of course, mustn’t forget copious amounts of pink-coloured baked goods. This year the entire menu was gluten-free.


Just a dash of girl talk, gossip and giggles and a good time was had by all.
Thank you ladies for 8 years of pink-coloured fun times!

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Work in Progress

I’m a girl on a mission at the moment. I’m on a self-imposed ban on starting new crochet projects until I finish the UFOs (unfinished objects) in my stash. This is following on from my self-imposed 10-day ban on crochet altogether. It’s a bit all-or-nothing with me sometimes, isn’t it? Anyway, I had a bit of a rest from crochet last month but am back in full swing now. I’ve actually already crossed off one UFO from my list this month.

UFOs to be finished:
* baby granny-square blanket
* baby wool ripple blanket
* hodge podge #2
* African flowers cushion
* large granny square
* neon chevron cushion

The good news is this baby ripple blanket I started in, um, 2009 is almost done. Why did I stop working on it for so long? It’s Shepherd Baby Wool Marino 4ply on a 3mm hook. I’m wondering what to do with the leftover yarn.

And in other crafty adventures I’ve been sewing here and there, most recently this wee pink and grey quilt. It will be pram-sized when finished and all fabric is from my stash. In another case of “Katie Isn’t Quite as Bright” it took me quite a few days to work out what this quilt block might be called. It’s a combination of two half-square triangles. What about quarter-square triangles, Katie? So obvious in hindsight.


My points are getting better the more I quilt but here’s a bit of a reality check – not everything I make is perfect. Far from it! Sometimes the pursuit of perfection can be stifling. I wish I could put that fear of failing aside more often. Or, I should say the fear of being less-than-great-at-something aside. In the spirit of not stressing about perfection here are two shots of the quilt, taken at different times so the colours look a little different in each shot. Scandalous! And those points! I guess they aren’t too bad, are they?



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Keeping Up with Katie

* October is halfway over already, 2014 will be here before we know it. This year hasn’t been too bad to me, but I’m considering it as just a warm-up for 2014. But there is plenty of 2013 left, including the wedding of one of my besties in less than two weeks. That means less than two weeks to finish the biggest crochet blanket I’ve ever made. It’s a wedding gift for the couple and it’s still a secret design and colour scheme so stay tuned until the wedding bouquet has been thrown. (Throw it my way Michelle, can’t hurt can it?) The blanket is big and heavy and warm, 100% Australian wool. All will be revealed soon! In lieu of any photos of the blanket here are some pretty wedding-ish flowers.


* In other crochet news, I’m totally and hopelessly addicted to Hoooked Zpagetti. You could say I was hooked, but that’d be too cheesy wouldn’t it. I’ve been making these fun baskets and a couple of drink bottle bags. The baskets come together so quickly [relative to the epic (my description) blanket projects I usually work on] and I love the colours of the yarn. You can buy Zpagetti online or at Free Range Living in Kurnell if you are in Sydney. I do think Hoooked should just send the truck straight to my place and deliver one of each colour in their range to me! On the regular. (Pics via Instagram)

hoooked zpagetti

Katie’s Fashion Tip #19 – Always match your drink bottle bag to your nail polish.



These three baskets are already in their new home, love these colours together. I’ve got quite a few baskets ready to go, and Christmas is really just around the corner so do let me know if you’d like one or two. I’ll pop some in my Etsy store soon.


* October is breast cancer awareness month so there is a fair bit of pink going around. Which is a good thing, in my opinion!


Let me say it again, there is no point doing all of these awareness campaigns and fund-raising if you don’t help yourself. Get checked by your doctor, and if you aren’t happy get a second opinion. No one is too young, but catching things early is always the best option for a full recovery. I’ll be hosting my annual Girls Night In early next month and I have my eye on this special edition Ecoya candle. Sweet Pea and Jasmine is my favourite Ecoya scent and happens to be the two flowers that remind me of my mum. All proceeds of this special edition Ecoya and Model Co. Sweet Pea and Jasmine candle goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. And shipping is free for Australia and New Zealand. Perfect for yourself or to put away for Christmas. For yourself. Or for your friend Katie.



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Look What I Made: Elise Dolls for Softies for Mirabel

Just quick snap which you may have seen on Instagram or Facebook. Three dolls, made with the cute Elise Doll pattern by Erin from Candy Kirby Designs.

handmade sewing doll softie toy
Roxy, Matilda and Betty Mae
At least two of these girls are going to Softies for Mirabel along with Eddie.
(Their names aren’t planned in advance, they just come to me when the softie is nearly finished)


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Softies for Mirabel 2013

I’ve started early this year as I skipped last year’s appeal. It’s Softies for Mirabel time, that’s where Pip inspires a bunch of us crafty people to make soft toys for some kids who could do with some extra treats. The Mirabel Foundation looks out for kids with parents affected by substance abuse. It’s a great cause so get sewing, knitting or crocheting and send a toy or two down to Pip. They don’t have to be fancy, just sturdy and made with a little love. All of the details are below. Here is my first softie for the 2013 appeal. His name is Eddie the owl and he is made from a pattern by Star Primm of My Tiny Star. Here are the softies I made in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

owl, softies for mirabel, softies

Eddie is snoozing as I’ve run out of black felt and couldn’t make round eyes! But owls do sleep a lot, right?



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Keeping Up with Katie

Yes, the title of this post reeks of Kardashian-ness but let’s roll with it. I like alliteration. Today I thought I’d share some things I’ve been doing and things I’ve found recently.

* A few people have asked if I still bake. The answer is yes, and when I do I still enjoy it. I haven’t been baking as much just for fun though. And when I do bake it’s mostly old favourites like kitchen sink cookies, Hawaiian carrot cake or vanilla cupcakes.

* My fascination with rainbows continues as I’m working on a scrappy quilt. I’ve been collecting squares since 2009 or 2010 and have finally finished the top.

rainbow quilt

Thanks to Leonie for supplying a couple of squares! I still love the look of simple patchwork quilts. Piecing them together is such a test of my patience and skills though. I do learn with every quilt I make but I doubt I’ll ever get to a point where I don’t see the flaws in my work. Quilting this one is going to take a while but I’m not in a hurry to finish it. I will finish it before starting another quilt though. Maybe.

* These greeting cards by La La Land are cute! I love cards and keep everyone I’ve been given. I’d have to double-check but I think I have kept the cards from each of my birthdays. I’m not a hoarder but I am pretty sentimental.


This year was the quietest birthday with three cards. Two of which were the same design coincidently. The card must really scream “Katie!” to my friends.

* I love so many of the prints by Inaluxe (made up of the talented Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd), but this one is at the top of my wish list. It’d go so nicely with the print I already own. It’s pretty much my style in a nutshell – simple, colourful and a little retro.


* Ballarat Patchwork is closing down so all stock is 40% off. That’s a great deal! But stock is selling fast. The Remnant Warehouse in Sydney is having a sale later this week.

* I saw Pink in concert last week. Yes, I do go to concerts that don’t feature Bon Jovi. (Just not very often.) This lady knows how to put on a show. And she can sing. While upside down. Her up-tempo songs are great for running but I think I enjoy her ballads most. Pink did a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time and Chris Issack’s Wicked Game. “Amaze” as the kids say these days. Although “the kids” probably weren’t born when either of those songs were first released. Goodness, I must be a grown-up after all.


That’s all from me and my kitchen for now,



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