Look What I Made: Amigurumi Tim

What do you give to someone who wants and needs nothing? Give him himself, of course! This is my brother Tim. He lives in a faraway land making animations by day, and by night too. tim Pattern adapted from Tobias boy doll pattern by Smartapple Creations. The pattern is very detailed and easy to follow with pictures to help you out. I used a 3mm hook with 8ply acrylic yarns. For the hair I made an orange “cap”, sewed it on and then sewed yarn over top. This made sure there were no bald spots! Owly gives a great explanation for one option of amigurumi hair.



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Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap

Look at my lovely fat quarters! These are the ones I received in the swap Thouraya and I hosted not too long ago. So much sewing, so little time!

Vintage Sheets


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Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap


Amelie and Atticus and Katie’s Kitchen Present:


As lovers of vintage sheets, Thouraya and I have been planning a vintage sheet swap for a while and the time has come to share some vintage love with our fellow collectors, sewers and vintage enthusiasts!

You can turn your vintage sheet into a rainbow of designs for new projects!

 The lowdown

  • If you would like to take part simply drop an email to us HERE! As you sign up we will send out all the necessary information
  • Please have your sheets washed, cut into fat quarters (approx 50cm x 56cm) and posted no later than Friday 25th September 2015 – This will give you some time to head out to the op-shops and see what treasures you can find! We will sort out the sheets and pop them back in the post Monday 5th October 2015 all ready for some springtime sewing!
  • We are happy to take sign ups until the Friday 25th September 2015, as long as you have your FQ’s in the mail by that date
  • Spread the word – get it out there! The more participants we have the more range of awesome fabric we will have to share! Link back to THIS POST for new members!

  amelie and atticus

  • How many fat quarters you get will depend on how many you give!
  • Place your fat quarters into a pre-paid parcel post satchel (available at the post office in 500g and 3kg varieties). You should be able to fit about 15 FQs in a 500g satchel and 50+ in the 3kg satchel. You MUST also include a self-addresses pre-paid post satchel in your parcel to us for us to mail your new vintage goodness to you.

    ****Please note that all sheets need to be washed prior to cutting and shipping. This swap is open to Australian residents only – apologies it will not work for the timeframe for international postage. Your fat quarters must measure approx. 50cm by 56cm and be free from marks, rips and stains. If the fat quarters do not meet these standards they will be sent back. Only cotton or cotton blend sheets please and no cartoon characters, stripes or solid colours.



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8 Years of Katie’s Kitchen Blog

Have you noticed Facebook sometimes likes to remind you of what you were doing on this day a year ago? I woke up to Facebook telling me on August 26, 2014 I was in the audience watching Queen with Adam Lambert. How can it be 12 months since that night already? I remember so much of that specific evening. It was a happy day, not least of all because I spent some of it sending text messages back and forth with a very good-looking member of the opposite sex!

ripple rainbow blanket

According to Facebook, the year before I was doing an 8km fun run, raising money for research into Parkinson’s Disease, in honour of my beloved Uncle Alan. I knocked 3 minutes off my P.B. that day. I was really into running, really enjoying it. It was bittersweet, I was happy to be fit enough to run well, but sad that my uncle’s body was letting him down and there was nothing we could do to help.


Facebook didn’t stop there. On August 26, 2011 I was in Brisbane at a work event – the opening of an exhibition of the photographs of Magnum Photos photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. I was in a happy place, I was lucky enough to be working with images taken by my photographic idols for a living.


What Facebook couldn’t tell me was that eight years ago, on August 26, I decided to start a blog. I didn’t really know what I was doing, or what I expected it to become. I wasn’t doing it for anyone other than myself. But it was fun and a good distraction for me when I wasn’t in a great place, searching for a new job. I don’t blog too often now, and when I do it’s more crochet and sewing than cooking and baking. I don’t bake as often as I used to, but I like that this blog holds a record of a hobby that I enjoyed so much and that was such a part of my identity for so long. Back in 2008 I didn’t know how to crochet and I hadn’t sewn anything bigger than a tote bag.

handmade sewing doll softie toy

Will Katie’s Kitchen around in another eight years? I do hope so. Just for me, and for anyone who likes the things I do. Who knows where I’ll be then, what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be doing it. I can say that on August 26, 2015 I’m doing pretty well. I’m excited about the coming year, and goodness, about the next eight years really. I’ve been counting my blessing lately, there are things I’d change about my life if I could but I’m doing well and have many things in my life that make me happy. I don’t need Facebook to tell me that.



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Look What I Made: The Linen Cupboard Quilt

Some fabric is just so pretty you need to chop it all up, whip up a quilt and just sit and look at it. This fabric range is inspired by retro floral linen, so of course I love it.

Finished quilt number eleven
Vital Stats:
Finished size – 150 x 150cm
Quilt top – 49 squares of The Linen Cupboard by Emma Jean Jansen
Batting – 100% cotton
Backing – Some grey homespun from Spotlight and a dozen squares of the low-volume polka dot fabric in the range.
Quilting – Vertical and horizontal lines on both sides of the seams
Binding – 1/4 inch double fold cross-grain hand sewn binding


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Look What I Made: Vintage Sheet Quilt No.5


I’m excited! My biggest quilt to date, just for me! I’ve been collecting vintage sheet fabric for a few years now as you may have noticed; however they are getting harder to find around Sydney, and more expensive too. I’m just taken with the pretty retro floral fabrics, I can’t get enough! Now I just need a cute cupboard with a glass front so I can admire my quilts while they aren’t in use. Where I will fit that cupboard is a mystery, but one day I will have room I’m sure.


Finished quilt number twelve, the biggest one yet.

Vital Stats:
Finished size  – 200 x 215cm
Quilt top – 240 squares cut from vintage sheets, purchased from local thrift shops, Etsy and some swapped with fellow vintage sheet lover Thouraya
Batting – 100% cotton
Backing – A purple and pink floral vintage sheet, purchased locally
Quilting – Vertical and horizontal lines on both sides of the seams
Binding – 1/4 inch double fold cross-grain hand sewn binding 

Vintage Sheet Quilt No.1
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.2
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.3
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.4




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Look What I Made: Ripple Wedding Blanket


Finished blanket 22 was made for Kimberly and Stewart who had a beautiful wedding back in May. The pattern is one of my favourites, Neat Ripple by Lucy from Attic24. Each ripple is almost a full skein of yarn; all besides the pale grey and purple are Panda Magnum Soft 8ply. I started the blanket in January and it ended up roughly 150cm x 150cm.



Congratulations to the happy couple, and thank you for inviting us to share your special day!


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Look What I Made: Crochet Blankets

Five years of crochet, 20 blankets completed.

Granny Stripe Blanket (Wedding present for Katherine and David)

Rainbow Granny Stripe Blanket

Ripple Blanket (Wedding present for Jessica and Eugene)

Rainbow Baby Ripple Blanket (for Archie)

rianbow crochet blanket
Mulitcoloured Ripple Blanket

granny square crochet blanket afghan
Eight-Colour Granny Square Throw (for Nanna)

Baby Blanket (for baby Kee)

crochet granny square
Rainbow Granny Square Blanket (for Amy)

Granny square
The Hodge Podge Large Granny Square Blanket (for me)

crochet chevron blanket yellow white
Chevron Crochet Blanket (Wedding present for Michelle and Tim)

Baby Granny Square Blanket

Rainbow Ripple Blanket

Ripple Baby Blanket

White Woollen Granny Square Blanket (for me)

Grey Granny Stripe Blanket

Black Granny Stripe Blanket


Chevron Baby Blankets x2

Crochet granny square blanket

Hodge Podge No. 2

White granny stripe crochet blanket

White Granny Stripe Blanket


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Goodbye 2014

I didn’t post this on December 31st because I wasn’t quite ready to see the end of 2014. I wasn’t sure I’d done “enough” in 2014 for it to be over already. Not enough in a creative sense, more in a what-am-I-doing-with-my-life sort of way. There wasn’t a great deal of baking last year, and most of it was old favourites like Snickerdoodles, Kitchen Sink Cookies and Caramel Slice. Looking back, I think the only new recipe I tried was Impossible Pie after I heard about it for the first time and was immediately curious as to why I hadn’t come across it earlier.


On the craft front I managed to finish up a few projects that had been on hiatus, and started and finished quite a few more. It looks like 2014 was Year of the Blanket.

Top row: White Granny Stripe Blanket, Pink and Grey Quarter-Square Triangle Quilt, Vintage Sheet Quilt No.2, Hodge Podge No.2
Second row: Scrappy Vintage Sheet Pillow Case, Summer Song Quilt No.2, Grey Granny Stripe Blanket, Vintage Sheet Quilt No.4
Third row: Baby Granny Square Blanket, Baby Ripple Blanket, White Granny Square Blanket, Vintage Sheet Quilt No.3
Bottom row: Chevron Baby Blanket, Rainbow Quilt, Chevron Baby Blanket, Black Granny Stripe Blanket

Here’s to a 2015 filled with good times and sweet treats.

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Look What I Made: Vintage Sheet Quilt No.4


This one belongs to my number one fan, my nanna.


Vital Stats:

Finished quilt number ten
Finished size – approx. 120cm x 120cm
Quilt top – 16 squares cut from vintage sheets, purchased from local thrift shops, Etsy and some swapped with fellow vintage sheet lover Thouraya
Batting – 100% cotton
Backing – A purple floral vintage sheet, purchased locally
Quilting – Two vertical and two horizontal lines on both sides of the seams
Binding – 1/4 inch double fold cross-grain hand sewn binding 


Vintage Sheet Quilt No.1
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.2
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.3



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