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Look What I Made: White Granny Stripe Blanket

This blanket definitely took longer than 10 days. How an earth did I finish the black granny stripe blanket in 10 days? This one is a little wider and has three more colours than the black granny stripe. It’s warm and cosy, and bright and cheerful. I love the weight of Panda Magnum Soft 8ply, it feels heavier and thicker than Stylecraft DK but the two work well together. This granny stripe pattern by Lucy from Attic 24 creates nice dense stitches; the clusters of treble/double crochet stitches that make up the rows are closer together than your standard granny square.

White granny stripe crochet blanket Vital Stats:
Started – July 2014
Finished – December 2014
Pattern – Granny stripe by Lucy from Attic 24
Yarn – Panda Magnum Soft 8ply in white and 30 assorted 8ply coloured yarns
Hook size – 5mm
Finished size –  Approx. 148cm x 160cm
Details – Two rows of 30 colours, separated by two rows of white. Four rows of white on each end. Border is a row of US single crochet/UK double crochet. (May add to this at some point.)

White granny stripe crochet blanket
White granny stripe crochet blanket


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Look What I Made: Eight-Colour Granny Square Throw

crochet granny squares afghan

Another project finished, and only a little (ok, two months) later than I planned. This eight-colour throw is for my grandmother who, I’m pleased to say, seems quite enamoured with it. I love this yarn and the colours were all in my stash. Next on the agenda is to finish The Hodge Podge. Then a present for a baby due in January, a blanket for an October 2013 wedding and oh, maybe even a little something for myself.
granny square crochet blanket afghan


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