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Look What I Made: Giant Granny Squares Blanket

Yep, I made a baby! A pretty cute one too. And a blanket, a pretty big one at that. Three years in the making, off and on. Probably more off than on. Now it’s all done, just in time for…Summer.

Blankety Facts:
Size – about 275 x 230cm, big enough for a queen size bed
Squares – 72, each with 10 rounds, joined on-the-go
Border – Seven rounds of black yarn
Yarn – A mix of soft acrylics like Stylecraft DK and Panda Magnum Soft 8ply

Am I the only one who keeps a record of what they make? I have a list for crochet blankets and one for quilts.

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Look What I Made: Ripple Wedding Blanket


Finished blanket 22 was made for Kimberly and Stewart who had a beautiful wedding back in May. The pattern is one of my favourites, Neat Ripple by Lucy from Attic24. Each ripple is almost a full skein of yarn; all besides the pale grey and purple are Panda Magnum Soft 8ply. I started the blanket in January and it ended up roughly 150cm x 150cm.



Congratulations to the happy couple, and thank you for inviting us to share your special day!

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Look What I Made: White Granny Stripe Blanket

This blanket definitely took longer than 10 days. How an earth did I finish the black granny stripe blanket in 10 days? This one is a little wider and has three more colours than the black granny stripe. It’s warm and cosy, and bright and cheerful. I love the weight of Panda Magnum Soft 8ply, it feels heavier and thicker than Stylecraft DK but the two work well together. This granny stripe pattern by Lucy from Attic 24 creates nice dense stitches; the clusters of treble/double crochet stitches that make up the rows are closer together than your standard granny square.

White granny stripe crochet blanket Vital Stats:
Started – July 2014
Finished – December 2014
Pattern – Granny stripe by Lucy from Attic 24
Yarn – Panda Magnum Soft 8ply in white and 30 assorted 8ply coloured yarns
Hook size – 5mm
Finished size –  Approx. 148cm x 160cm
Details – Two rows of 30 colours, separated by two rows of white. Four rows of white on each end. Border is a row of US single crochet/UK double crochet. (May add to this at some point.)

White granny stripe crochet blanket
White granny stripe crochet blanket

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Look What I Made: Chevron Baby Blankets



Vital Stats:
Started – Purple – April 2014 Pink – May 2014
Finished –  Purple – May 2014 Pink – May 2014
Pattern – Chevron 2.0 by Babylove Brand
Yarn – Panda Magnum Soft 8ply in black and 23 assorted 8ply coloured yarns
Hook size – 5mm
Finished size –  Both approx. 78cm x 72cm
Details – Random stripes from my stash (with a little donation of yellow from Thouraya – Thank you!)

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Look What I Made: Black Granny Stripe Blanket



Somehow I ended up with six or seven skeins of black yarn, not sure how or why. In an effort to clear out my yarn stash a little I started a granny stripe blanket, and finished it less than 10 days later. Once I started I couldn’t stop, and it was fun to finish each black stripe so I could pick the next colour. Each of the 23 colours are from my stash, mostly Stylecraft Special 8ply and Panda Magnum Soft 8ply. It’s a soft, mid-weight blanket and I quite like it!


Vital Stats:
Started – June 2014
Finished –  June 2014
Pattern – Granny stripe by Lucy from Attic 24
Yarn – Panda Magnum Soft 8ply in black and 23 assorted 8ply coloured yarns
Hook size – 5mm
Finished size –  Approx. 120cm x 120cm
Details – Two rows of 23 colours, separated by two rows of black. Three rows of black on each end. Border is a row of US single crochet/UK double crochet and one row of US half double crochet/UK half treble.

black_granny_stripe_4   black_granny_stripe_6


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Look What I Made: Baby Granny Square Blanket


This baby-size (pram-size really) granny square blanket is another I can cross off my to-do list. The coloured yarn is Stylecraft Special Double Knit, left over from my granny stripe and ripple blankets. The cream is Panda Magnum Soft 8ply which I think gives the blanket a warm vintage feel. I think I made all of the granny squares in 2012 but took my time weaving in the ends and adding the border. Happy to add this one to the “done” pile!


Vital Stats:
Finished size – 60cm x 54cm
Yarn – Panda Magnum Soft and Stylecraft Special DK
80 granny squares, joined on-the-go. Two rounds of colour, one of cream.
Border is four rows of cream.




granny square crochet

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Look What I Made: Ripple Baby Blanket

Back in November I made a pledge to finish all of the UFOs (unfinished objects) in my stash before starting any new crochet projects. This is the second half-finished venture I can cross off my list, finally.


Why did this blanket take so long to finish? I started it Feb 14, 2010. Finished it Jan 10, 2014. Granted, it did sit in a box, half-finished, for quite a few of the months (years?) between the start and finish dates. And, I did make, um, about a dozen other blankets in that time.


The yarn was lovely to work with, although it is the finest I’ve used. It’s a 4ply merino with a recommendation of a 3.25mm hook. I have almost a skein of each eight colours left, any suggestions on what to use it for?


Vital stats:
Finished size – 92cm x 82cm
Hook size – 3mm
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Merino 4ply in eight colours purchased from Lincraft
Pattern –  Based on Attic24’s Neat Ripple Pattern.
56 rows, planned out eight rows at a time to ensure each colour was used equally.
Two borders, the first to straighten the curved edges.


UFOs to be finished:
* baby granny-square blanket
* baby wool ripple blanket
* hodge podge #2
* African flowers cushion
* large granny square
* neon chevron cushion

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Look What I Made: Chevron Crochet Blanket

crochet chevron blanket yellow white
It took me longer to decide on the pattern and colour scheme for this project than it did to actually make. Oh, the pressure! Oh, the self-imposed pressure to make a wedding present for one of my very best friends. The pressure to make something they love as much as I loved making it.  Oh, the commitment! Oh, the commitment it takes to start on such a big project. When you spend a fair bit of time with any crochet project it is preferable to love it. Of course I loved making this big, warm and cosy wool blanket. And of course I wanted to keep it for myself once it was done!

crochet chevron blanket yellow white

Blankety facts:
* The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply in Cream and Sunflower with a 5mm hook
* The chevron pattern is by Babylove Brand
* It’s 150cm wide
* I used six balls of each colour, with a little leftover (each ball is 200gm)

crochet chevron blanket yellow white

To Michelle and Tim, it doesn’t get much better than being married to your best friend. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you both. I hope it’s nothing but happiness for many years to come. Thank you for asking me to be a part of your special day!
crochet chevron blanket yellow white
crochet chevron blanket yellow white

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Look What I Made: Hodge Podge Large Granny Square Blanket

Granny Square
The Hodge Podge blanket is officially finished. I think. In all of its crazy colour-combination madness. All of the ends have been weaved in and I’ve been sleeping under it for about a month so it feels finished. I may add some more rows to it at some point, but for now it’s done.  And this blanket is just for me. It’s the twelfth blanket I’ve made so I guess it’s about time I keep one.

It’s made entirely of scraps from my stash with no thought given to colour, pattern or order. It is mostly acrylic but there is some wool and cotton in there too. It’s about 160cm x 160cm, very warm and quite heavy. I started the blanket in April 2012, did most of the work in the following September/October, then put it aside until just recently. Rather than making lots of granny squares and then joining them later, this blanket is one large granny square. I turned the blanket over after each round to avoid the shape of the square becoming distorted.

Granny square

Do you have a granny square blanket in your house? Since I learnt to crochet four years ago I’ve noticed how many fictional homes on TV and in movies have a crochet blanket draped on the couch. Remember the crochet blanket on Roseanne? An episode was even named after it – “Home Is Where the Afghan Is” (check it out at 3:34 in this video). Don and Betty Draper have a crochet blanket on their couch in the early seasons of Mad Men, Amy from The Big Bang Theory has a blanket made of granny squares and I remember a beautiful blue and brown chevron blanket in the movie Bridesmaids.

Granny square

Hodge Podge number 2 is already underway, again, random colours from my stash with no plan as to the pattern or order of the colours. Since both are made of scrap and leftover yarn it makes the blankets practically costless projects right? Free craft! Some say the granny square pattern was originally designed for just that, using up leftover yarn.

Here’s a video tutorial to get started on your own granny squares. You know you want to!

Photographed at Free Range Living in Kurnell, NSW.

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Work in Progress – Granny Square Blanket

Us crafters are a funny bunch. I’m yet to meet a crafty person who doesn’t have a half-finished project or six collecting dust. Why do we lose interest in projects we began so enthusiastically? Buying fabric and yarn is so fun! Starting a new project is exciting! The planning of a new design makes us happy! I guess sometimes the buying and planning is more fun than working through the middle stages of a project. Which is probably why this blanket has been sitting in a box, unfinished, for er, about two years. It’s almost done now though, just a few loose ends to tidy up and maybe a few more rows around the edge. When it’s finished it will be the eleventh blanket I’ve made. (With probably three half-finished blankets collecting aforementioned dust).

Wool granny square crochet blanket

Diary of a Crochet Blanket – A story of excitement and neglect.
August 2010 – Enthusiastically bought skeins of wool and started making granny squares. Chose Shepherd Colour 4 Me wool because of the large colour range. Blanket originally inspired by Carina.
November 2010 – Finished the 70th granny square and started joining the squares.
December 2010 – Finished joining the squares then decided the method I’d used was totally unacceptable and had to be re-done. The squares didn’t line up well enough for my liking. Took all 70 squares apart.
January 2011 – Started joining the squares again, using the join-as-you-go method.
Sometime in 2011 – Got sick of the joining with about two dozen squares left.
2012 – Left the blanket in a box, untouched.
June 2013 – Figured I should probably finish a few old projects before starting too many more. Joined the remaining squares over two nights in front of the TV. (Paper Giants – Magazine Wars, The September Issue and House Rules)
June 2013 – The blanket will be finished!


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