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Snapshot – Yellow, Grey and Silver Party

Our new place feels a little more like home after a few of our friends, old and new, stopped by for a little sangria and a few baked treats. We are blessed with generous friends so there was plenty of good food, good drinks and good company.

To spruce up the place a little I made a simple tassel garland in my latest favourite colour scheme yellow and grey/silver. There are many tutorials out there in blogland if you’d like to make your own: The Sweetest Occasion, A Pair & a Spare or Design Dazzle are a few options. If you aren’t DIY-inclined pick up a cute rainbow garland from Lark or a beautiful 12ft long (and the original?) garland from Confetti SystemPenny-Pinching Party Tip – Tissue paper is inexpensive and one pack of silver cellophane did the trick. I think this materials for this garland totalled about $5. Using fabric instead of tissue paper would add to the cost but would allow you to pack it away and use it again as often as needed.

A few simple purchases continued the colour theme; a packet of yellow straws cost $1 and $5 worth of plastic cutlery popped into an empty can. I added some bright yellow cocktail napkins to a stack of plain white ones. Penny-Pinching Party Tip – Clear cups (recyclable) and white plates aren’t as pretty as coloured versions but mean any left over can be saved for another occasion with a different colour scheme.

I made vanilla cupcakes with yellow-tinted buttercream frosting. I don’t think they were quite the best batch I’ve ever made but I’m still getting used to the new oven. No disasters in it yet but it always takes a little while to adjust my recipes to suit the peculiarities of each oven. These simple recipes are economical and the frosting can be tinted to suit your occasion. Penny-Pinching Party Tip – Don’t underestimate how much people love a simple, homemade cupcake.

chocolate chip new york times recipe cookies
In addition to the cupcakes, I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (one batch makes 36 muffins), snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies. I’m again convinced this recipe from The New York Times is great. To half the batch I added milk and dark chocolate chunks and to the other half I mixed in Heath Milk Chocolate Toffee Bits.

Today we are cleaning up and munching on leftover party food. I think I’ll leave the garland up for a little while. For more yellow and grey check out my Pinterest board titled Yellow Room.

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