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Rainbow Cake

I did it! And with no major disasters, upsets, re-dos or tears. Thank goodness. I’ve been looking for an excuse to attempt a rainbow cake for a while. My nanna’s 78th birthday was the perfect occasion – mainly because she loves anything and everything I make. I used Whisk Kid‘s recipe and instructions; go to her blog to watch her make the cake on the Martha Stewart show. I baked the cakes yesterday afternoon and made the first batch of icing last night. Then, I stacked the layers and did a crumb coating of icing and let the cake sit overnight.  Most recipes suggest only gel colouring will do for this cake; however, I used liquid food colour and the results look vivid enough to me. I have ordered a full set of gel colours from Little Betsy Baker’s stocktake, sale so I will use them for my next rainbow cake. The only container big enough to hold the cake and stand was my cupcake courier, with the trays removed.

This morning, I made the second batch of icing and finished the cake. (The recipe specifies the quantities for each batch). The icing is Swiss meringue buttercream. This is the first time I’ve made it. It is a combination of sugar, egg whites, butter and vanilla. The recipe wasn’t too tricky and the first batch was perfect. There was enough to spread generous amounts between each cake layer and for the crumb coating. Batch number two was smaller and enough to cover the cake. This batch was a little problematic and I was afraid it wasn’t going to turn out properly, as the mixture took a while to come together in the mixer. Eventually, though, the icing turned out fine as the trusty Kitchenaid did her stuff. I would not have been able to make the icing without it. The second batch of icing has more of a yellow colour than the first. I’m not sure why yet. I’ll definitely make this type of icing again. I need to invest in some decorating tools and a larger cake plate but I managed with what I had.

And yes, Nanna loved it.

Click here for the recipe, instructions and video from Whisk Kid

Click here to see another awesome rainbow cake from Sweetapolita


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Rainbow White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes


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St Patrick’s Day Green Velvet Cupcakes

No, I’m not Irish, I just love any excuse to bake! Would you eat green velvet cake?


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Vanilla Ice cream and Chocolate Mud Cupcakes with Peppermint Buttercream Frosting

Update: And the winner is…


Q: What do you do with a chocolate mud cupcake that is just a little too crumbly?

A: Mix it with vanilla ice cream, top with peppermint buttercream frosting and enter it into December’s Cupcake Hero contest!

Cupcake Hero is a monthly cupcake baking competition, with a different key ingredient each month. Read about December’s theme here.

I decided to enter this month, however my poor chocolate mudcakes where just too crumbly for me to be happy. So I whipped out some vanilla ice cream and Voila! Chocolate and ice cream and peppermint and buttercream, er, cupcakes!

1. Take cool cupcakes and crumble into pieces. Mix the pieces with soft (but not too soft) vanilla ice cream.

2. Spoon ice cream mix into ramekins or small bowls.


 3. Make buttercream frosting with a dash of peppermint essence and a tiny dash of green food colouring.

4. Pipe frosting onto the top of your “cupcake” and eat with a spoon!


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Wilton No. 2110 (1M) Open Star Decorating Tip

Santa also brought a new tip for my piping bag. The No. 2110 (1M) is the attachment you need to create great big swirls of icing to pile on top of your cupcakes. It usually requires a large coupler (the plastic part to attach the tip to the bag), however, you could probably get away with not using one — just slide the tip into your bag. Here is a good explanation of how to make swirls with your No. 2110.




For Wilton products in Sydney, try The Essential Ingredient in Crows Nest, Peters of Kensington in Kensington or eBay. Unfortunately, Wilton’s online store does not ship internationally.


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Wilton Icing Colors

Santa came early to Katie’s Kitchen, bringing with him some Wilton Icing Colors. They are small jars of colour paste, for colouring icing and fondant. A small amount of the paste will create a more vibrant and deeper coloured icing than supermarket-bought liquid food colouring. I find the paste is convenient when making coloured fondant, as you need only a small amount of paste, which means less colour ends up on your hands. For some tips on colouring icing click here and here.

The red and green fondant balls on the left (in the picture below) were coloured using Wilton Icing Colors “Red Red” and “Kelly Green”. The red balls on the right were coloured with a large amount of Queen Pillar Box Red Food Colouring. The Wilton colour is warmer than the pinkish tones of the Queen food colouring.


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