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Look What I Made: Rainbow Hexagon Blanket

Hexagon Crochet Blanket

This one was actually finished a little while ago. Three years ago! I guess time flies. It has found a home among the numerous cushions and blankets in our living room. The more the merrier I say, be it blankets or cushions or colours.

Vital Stats:
Started – Late 2015
Finished –  March 2016
Pattern – Not entirely sure which one I used, but this one by Make and Do Crew seems to be very similar.
Yarn – 8ply acrylic yarn – Stylecraft DK and Panda Magnum Soft. A little Spotlight brand Marvel in there too.
Hook size – 4mm
Finished size –  Approx. 110cm x 120cm
Joined – Sewn together through back loops only.

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