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Mushroom Risotto

I’m not sure I’ve eaten risotto before. Seen it plenty of times on the menu but can’t remember a single time I’ve ordered it. Last night, while we were out for dinner, our friend Jane ordered mushroom risotto and what do you know, today all I want to eat is mushroom risotto! I walked to the store in the sunshine to get some supplies, and of course bought just a little too much to comfortably carry home. It didn’t help that I just had to buy this cute red colander. It’s red, so it matches most of my kitchen accessories. I’m not into coloured appliances but my spice racks, salt and pepper grinders, spatula, whisk…the list goes on…are all ruby red. Hubby and I both are fond of ruby.

The risotto was worth the wait, it was delicious! It yields six servings but I managed to dish out only five. I’m sure you could use any type of  mushroom; I used portobello and cup mushrooms. I’m thinking I’ll try pumpkin risotto next.

Mushroom Risotto on Foodista


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