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Kitchen Sink Cookies

This is Billy P. Penguin. He likes long walks on the beach, fresh fish, and kitchen sink cookies made with orange-flavoured M&Ms. He says the recipe is a little too oaty, but still quite delicious. He says you can use just about anything in these cookies – nuts, choc chips, raisins, lollies etc but M&Ms are his favourite.

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Flourless, Dairy-free, Almost-No-Added-Sugar Ookies

Hubby says these aren’t real cookies, so I’m calling them ookies. He eats them anyway!

The banana is the overriding taste in these ookies, almost a banana bread flavour. They aren’t real crispy on the outside, more soft and moist all over. Find the recipe here on a great blog called 101 Cookbooks. Thanks to my co-worker Eve for showing me the recipe.

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Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies

These cookies are soft and chewy and heavy on the oats. The nutmeg overpowers the cinnamon though, I didn’t taste any cinnamon in the baked cookie. The recipe is from Joy of Cooking, I’d make it again, but I’d also like to try a recipe with less oats to compare. I made about 30 cookies of various sizes, they were ready after 12 minutes in the oven.

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