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Chocolate Orange Mousse

I had such high hopes. I love anything chocolate orange flavoured, but alas it was not to be. This is a delicious mousse, it’s just not a chocolate orange mousse. More juice next time? Some zest perhaps? I used freshly squeezed juice in the mousse but omitted the candied orange garnish after discovering the mousse wasn’t quite flavoured the way I’d hoped. This recipe is by Curtis Stone. Have you made it and had better results? Or do you have a chocolate orange mousse recipe I can add to my to-do list?

Perhaps I’ll have to stop by Rockpool for another serving of jaffa mousse cake. If I remind hubby of Rockpool’s mac and cheese I may just get that little slice of heaven soon!

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Muddy Chocolate Orange Cake

In less than ten days I’ll be a real grown up 30 years old. And every birthday needs a cake, well at least one. I might try for multiple cakes this years since it’s the big three-oh, and heck, why not? I got it into my head that I might want a jaffa-flavoured mudcake for one of my celebrations. It seems a little odd to bake your own birthday cake(s) so I won’t be doing that. But I can bake non-birthday jaffa-flavoured cakes right? And that I did.

I took Donna Hay’s muddy chocolate cake recipe and added the juice and rind of one orange. I might add a little more of each next time, for some extra jaffa flavour. The cake was a hit and I may or may not have had four pieces over the past three days.

More jaffa goodness here.
And here.
More here.


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Kitchen Sink Cookies

This is Billy P. Penguin. He likes long walks on the beach, fresh fish, and kitchen sink cookies made with orange-flavoured M&Ms. He says the recipe is a little too oaty, but still quite delicious. He says you can use just about anything in these cookies – nuts, choc chips, raisins, lollies etc but M&Ms are his favourite.

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Jaffa Brownie Cupcakes

The recipe is from last week’s New Idea magazine. Jaffas are one of my favourite types of candy – chocolate balls coated in orange flavoured candy. Crunchy on the outside, so soft on the inside! I’ve been looking for a cupcake recipe with a Jaffa/orange-chocolate flavour for a while. The cupcakes are yummy, like biting into a huge Jaffa. I’d prefer a ganache topping but I was out of cream at the time. The cupcakes aren’t quite as fudgy as brownies usually are. Avoid overcooking or they will be a tad dry. The recipe suggested orange-flavoured chocolate pieces on top, but I went straight for the Jaffas!
Find the recipe here.

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