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Look What I Made: Vintage Sheet Quilt No.3

Vintage Sheets Quilt

I’m in love. Again. They said it would happen again for me, and it has. I’m in love with this quilt. And all of the ones before it actually. I was surprised to realise this is my ninth finished quilt.

Vintage Sheets Quilt
Anyone who quilts has a few unfinished quilt tops in their stash, but we don’t like to speak too much about those. Especially when we are so in love with the new quilt on top of the pile.

Vintage Sheets Quilt

Vital Stats:

Finished quilt number nine
Finished size – 120cm x 94cm
Quilt top – 154 10.5cm squares cut from vintage sheets, purchased from local thrift shops, Etsy and some swapped with fellow vintage sheet lover Thouraya
Batting – 100% cotton
Backing – A pink floral vintage sheet that I adore, purchased locally
Quilting – Vertical and horizontal lines on both sides of the seams
Binding – 1/4 inch double fold cross-grain hand sewn binding 

Vintage Sheets Quilt

I’ve been thinking lately about why we make the things we do. I know I make things (bake, crochet, sew) because I like the process of making. I like the creativity of it. I like that I can make something to share or give. But I wonder why we are often drawn to making a particular type of thing. Whether it’s crochet or sewing, I’m drawn to blankets and toys. Why is that? Both my mother and grandmother knitted, however both made clothes and toys, I don’t remember either making blankets. Perhaps there is no real rhyme or reason behind it, but I have a sneaking suspicion there is. Something to ponder, perhaps.

Vintage Sheets Quilt

This quilt has been added to the I-could-not-possibly-part-with-it pile. It’s a keeper this one!

Vintage Sheets Quilt



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Work in Progress – Eight-Colour Crochet Throw

Fourteen squares completed, I think I’ll need about 40 or so to make this blanket. And, like usual, I’m having what I call craft anxiety. I’ve mentioned it before and it happens at some point during most major projects, whether its crochet or painting or an extravagant six-layer rainbow cake.  The I did love it, but now I’m not sure I like it at all thoughts usually pass and I keep working on the project. Sometimes though, I deliberate for a while before continuing and sometimes I don’t finish the project. When I do keep going I always end up happy with the result. Fingers crossed that happens with this granny square blanket.



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