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Rockpool Bar and Grill

Our fourth wedding anniversary was last Thursday so we went to Sydney’s Rockpool Bar and Grill for dinner. The interior was lovely, the service great, the meat delicious, the Wagyu fat baked potatoes awesome, the mac and cheese decadent but the jaffa mousse was out of this world. Best dessert I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Now, what do I have to do to get the recipe?

Illustration by Sybella Thompson (click to enlarge)

The “suggested” present for the fourth anniversary is appliances. We have just about every appliance under the sun already. I stretched the theme a little and got hubby a small barbecue. For some reason, us owning a barbecue made me feel even more like a “family”. When we have our own place no doubt we’ll upgrade to one of those hi-tech looking jumbo-size grills. As for my present, it will be delivered closer to my birthday in May (for the first time my age will start with a three). A hint, it’ll be red, shiny and appliancey!


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Georgetown Cupcake

My absence of late was due to a trip to the United States in search of cupcakes. Well, I guess it was trip to visit family, friends and cupcakes. While in the US we had some of the best store-bought cupcakes ever from Georgetown Cupcake in DC. We actually had to line up outside the shop for about 10 minutes, but it was worth it. We bought half a dozen – a mixture of red velvet, pumpkin spice, vanilla, chocolate and coconut. They were moist, not too sweet or sugary and just the right size. Our only complaint was the flavour in the pumpkin spice cupcake was a little too mild.

Georgetown Cupcake put so many other cupcake bakeries to shame! Where can we buy good cupcakes in Sydney? The last time my boss bought us Sparkle cupcakes the vanilla cupcake I tried was not fresh. I’m still looking for somewhere that sells consistently good quality cupcakes in Sydney.

Cute logo and packaging.

Opps, one cupcake tried to jump ship.

Back in line.

Coconutty goodness.

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Sparkle Cupcakery, Sydney

It’s always a surprise to me when a cupcake bakery has good cupcakes! I’ve had two cupcakes from Sparkle Cupcakery and so far so good! The vanilla bean flavour is just that – vanilla beany. The black velvet is so nice and rich and chocolatey. I only wish they did a red velvet cupcake. Unfortunately it seems not everyone share my experience of Sparkle. Read another review by Sheryl from Sheryl’s Cupcakes here.

(Both my Sparkle experiences have been cupcake deliveries to my work rather than in-store dining).

Sparkle Cupcakery store from Sparkle website.


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Little Cupcakes in Melbourne

I was lucky enough to spend three days in Melbourne for my 28th birthday. The weekend involved retail therapy, an art gallery and Little Cupcakes.We were there quite late in the day but there were still many cupcakes left. I chose a Jaffa orange flavoured cupcake and a red velvet. I’m happy to report the Jaffa one was YUM, moist and chocolatey with a distinct Jaffa hit. The red velvet didn’t impress – it was dryer and not very velvety at all. It had a cream cheese topping. Hubby liked his chocolate cupcakes; one had white chocolate frosting and the other was topped with cream cheese. Perhaps it was just a bad day for poor old red velvet? The cupcakes were small, just the way I like them.
It’s a cute store tucked away on Degraves Street, one of Melbourne’s many alleyways.

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Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes

 This way-too-cute cupcake is from The Cupcake Factory and was delicious! Possibly best ever store-bought cupcake.


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The Cupcake Bakery

To be fair, I once bought a carrot cupcake fromThe Cupcake Bakeryand it was pretty good. This time I tried a vanilla flavoured and a red velvet cupcake. Both were not special. They just tasted too…nothing. Perhaps it was because we tried them 4 hours after purchase? Perhaps. I will buy one again and eat it straight away. I’d be a bad blogger if I didn’t.

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Babycakes by Renee

These baby-sized cupcakes are quite delicious. Just enough in each cupcake to get a moist burst of flavour. Note to self: sample all flavours next time in the name of research.

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Cupcakes on Pitt

As a self-proclaimed cupcake connoisseur, I feel it’s my duty to taste all of the fine cupcakes on offer in this city I call home. So when the opportunity presented itself to sample some treats at Cupcakes on Pitt, who was I to refuse? Cupcakes on Pitt is in the the middle of downtown Sydney.

This year, Cupcakes on Pitt introduced a smaller, less-expensive cupcake, which is now their standard size cake. The smaller cupcakes retail for $2 each. The larger ones the shop previously sold were $3.50. They are still available through special order. The new size is perfect, just enough for a sweet treat. There is a good range of flavours, but get there early in the day before the ones you are after sell out!

I tried two cupcakes: one orange jaffa and another with strawberry icing.


Both cupcakes were vanilla cakes. The orange jaffa one had orange icing. The other cupcake had strawberry icing. The overall taste was average; it didn’t taste homemade, but it wasn’t quite as bad as a supermarket cake! They do look cute though, and the box has a window in the top, so customers can gaze lovingly at their cupcakes all the way home. You can also eat in-store, there are a few tables and chairs.


1 cupcake = poor (stay away!)
2 cupcakes = not bad
3 cupcakes = pretty good
4 cupcakes = very good
5 cupcakes = excellent (eat now!)

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