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White Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Yesterday was Mother’s day here in Australia. I honored the memory of my mother by participating in an annual fun run which raised money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. While my mother has been gone too long for me to remember the sound of her voice, some of the strongest memories I have of her contain her baking and her cooking.

Her roast dinners with Yorkshire puddings, the thin, speckled crepe-like pancakes with golden syrup on Shrove Tuesdays and the amazing birthday cakes she made for my brother, father and I each year. Today the scent of freshly-squeezed lemon juice reminds me of something she would make in the kitchen, I just can’t remember what it was she added lemon juice to. Perhaps it was the cheesecake she made with Philadelphia cream cheese or the warm lemon pudding she baked in a large oval-shaped Pyrex dish.

 Katie in the kitchen, 1984

Today I mix my cakes with the same metal spoon she did, the one I’m holding in the photo above. I made these white chocolate cupcakes with her in mind, and shared them with the friends who ran with me yesterday. We raised over $900 for the fight against the disease that took my mother too soon.


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