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Work in Progress – Scrappy Crochet Blanket

I’ve picked up the blanket I started back in April (where has the time gone?!), adding random scraps of yarn from my collection as I go. No rhyme or reason as to which colour to use next, and many of the scraps aren’t long enough to complete an entire round. It’s a hodgepodge of colour and I kind of like that. I think I will call it The Hodge Podge from now on.



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Work in Progress – Eight-Colour Crochet Throw

A new project has begun, with a due date in late June. It is an eight-colour granny square throw and this time I am following a colour scheme I found in a pattern, rather than putting together my own. I’m using Panda Magnum Soft 8ply yarn straight from my stash and I’ve matched the suggested colours in the pattern pretty well. This yarn is so soft and warm, my only wish is the range included more colours – especially a warm yellow. I used the same yarn on the big ripple blanket I finished last year.

Click here for the pattern for an eight-colour granny square throw from Lion Brand Yarn. 

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