Best answer: Can I use regular thread to sew denim?

Which thread should I use for sewing denim ?

Can you use regular thread for denim?

Use a regular all-purpose thread in the bobbin. Use a longer stitch length. If your denim is the typical heavyweight, jeans sort of denim, lengthen your stitches to about 3mm.

Do you need special thread for denim?

To construct your garment, use an all-purpose polyester thread. For topstitching, switch to an upholstery or topstitching thread. Use a fresh needle when sewing with denim.

What type of stitch is used for denim?

Jeans are constructing mostly using a sewing machine, then coming in with the overlocker to clean up the edges. A 3-thread overlock stitch is all you need to sew this seam, no sense in using extra needle thread with a 4-thread overlock when the sewing machine as already sewn the construction seam.

What color thread is used for jeans?

Step 3: Thread Color

Most jeans use gold thread for the hem. Don’t use gold. You want your thread to match the jeans. Your new hem will STILL use the gold or whatever color hem is already in your pants.

What size needle is best for sewing cotton?

Those designated 70/10 are thinnest and best for sewing light fabrics like silk; 80/11 needles work best with medium-weight fabrics like cotton; and 90/14 needles do best with medium to heavy fabrics.

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Can brother sew denim?

Brother ST371HD Strong and Tough Sewing Machine

It comes with a set of heavyweight needles — including a #16 — that are perfect for sewing denim and a zigzag presser foot with spring action, which is ideal for sewing thick seams.