Best answer: How does a yarn swift work?

Do you need a swift to use a ball Winder?

Because it fulfills a different function, you can use a ball winder without a yarn swift. The ball winder creates the yarn cake; how the skein is being held is a different matter. The swift makes winding easier by holding the yarn under tension and spinning to unravel yarn from the skein, but it is not essential.

How does yarn winder work?

Yarn winders do the work of winding the yarn into a center-pull ball. They clamp onto the table surface and have a center spool that holds the yarn. You thread the yarn through one or more yarn guides that place the yarn in the right position to roll onto the spool. … Begin turning the handle of the yarn winder slowly.

Do you need a yarn swift?

If you’re winding a center-pull skein into a ball, you don’t need to use a yarn swift. If your yarn comes in a hank, though, you need to use the ball winder with a swift. Otherwise, the hank of yarn will become very tangled if you try to wind it directly.

How do I choose a yarn swift?

If you use a variety of yarn weights and hank sizes, choose a swift that gives you the most choices in diameters. If you usually use smaller weight yarns, which have less variety in hank sizes, then a swift with a smaller diameter expansion range might just do the trick.

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How does a vintage yarn winder work?

A niddy noddy is the simplest and most basic type of yarn winder. It is made up of a center post and two attached cross pieces, one at each end of the center piece. The yarn is then wound around the niddy noddy by hand. Another type of yarn winder resembles a ship’s wheel.