Can you tailor jeans to make them skinnier?

Can Straight Leg jeans be altered to skinny?

Of course, you can always change your straight leg jeans to skinny jeans. It is a common problem of many curvaceous women that want a pair of jeans that fits perfectly on the waist. Unfortunately, most of the times, they end up with jeans that gap at the waist.

How much does it cost to get jeans tailored?


Jeans and Trousers Price (from)
Shorten or Lengthen without cuffs $15
Shorten or Lengthen with cuffs $25
Take in or let out waist $30
Slimline Trousers $35

Can you shrink jeans permanently?

“Expecting to shrink one number size down is possible—more than that, and for a more foolproof and permanent solution, I’d recommend tailoring,” says Abrams. “The shrinkage method will be most permanent in length. The other areas will have warmth, tension, and friction and likely stretch out again with wear.”

How do I make my jeans fit?

How to Make Jeans Fit Perfectly

  1. Wash your jeans inside out in cold water to shrink them, if they’re too big. Throw them in the dryer on high heat for about one hour. …
  2. Stretch out a pair of jeans that are a tad too small. …
  3. Put on your jeans. …
  4. Widen your waistband after a large meal, or if you’ve gained a little weight.
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Can you tailor jeans that are too big?

Good news: Shortening too-long jeans (aka hemming jeans) is the easiest alteration you can make to denim pants. A tailor or seamstress can shorten them, either by cutting off some fabric and redoing the hems or taking up the hems in a way that doesn’t involve cutting the fabric.

How do high waisted jeans fit your waist?

Put your jeans on inside out and pinch the waist at the sides until it fits. Turn your jeans inside out and put them on. Pinch the waistband on each side until you get the right fit in the waist. Try to pinch an equal amount on both sides so that your jeans will sit evenly after the alteration.