Frequent question: Can you applique on crochet?

How do I attach a crochet motif to fabric?

All that remains is to pin the motif in place and stitch it down. To secure the motif a little more, glue it to the shirt using a thin layer of fabric adhesive, and allow to dry before stitching a neat running stitch around the motif edge using a double thickness of matching sewing thread.

Can you use a sewing machine on crochet?

A basic sewing machine will work for joining knit/crochet items as long as it has the capability of making an adjustable zig-zag stitch. It helps if you can adjust the pressure on the presser foot of your sewing machine. That can be really helpful with some thicker knit/crochet yarns.

How do you attach appliques to knitting?

Using a blunt-ended darning or tapestry needle, stitch the appliqué pieces to your cushion using a simple running stitch. Remove any pins as you go. Stitch through all layers of fabric to make sure the join is secure. Try using remnants of matching coloured yarn for your appliqué.

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