Frequent question: How do you make a fleece blanket without ties?

Can you use flannel for a tie blanket?

The Single Layer Flannel Tie Blanket

Check out this blanket style, which is similar, but instead of making it with fleece, use flannel! The style of tie is the same, but that’s where the similarities end. … How much fabric for a no-sew blanket that’s home décor, you ask? Kristen uses 1.5 – 2 yards of flannel!

What tools do I need to make a no sew fleece blanket?


  1. You will need 2 pieces of fleece Fabric at least 40 inches or wider (most are 54 inches) …
  2. Sharp Scissors or I use a Fiskars Rotary Cutter, so much faster!
  3. Ruler or tape measure (I’m using a Fiskars 3×18 Clear Acrylic Quilting Ruler)
  4. Optional: Cutting Mat if you are using the rotary cutter.

Can flannel be used for no sew blankets?

No-sew flannel or fleece blankets make good couch throws for reading or watching TV. It doesn’t take much to make no-sew flannel blankets: scissors, fabrics and a quick weaving step. These types of blankets work with flannel or fleece.

What fabric is best for tie blankets?

Polar fleece is also good for no-sew projects (like a flower – get the free tute here) or tie blankets (check out my ultimate tie blanket guide here) . Polar Fleece can be divided in to two categories, anti-pill and non anti-pill.

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How do you hem a fleece blanket?

How to Make a Fleece Blanket – Hand Sewing

  1. Fold the edge over to the wrong side by ½ inch (1.2cm) and pin in place.
  2. Thread your 6 strand embroidery floss single and knot the end.
  3. Bring the needle through the hem to the edge. …
  4. Insert the needle about ⅜ inch (1cm) to the right and bring it up at the hem bottom.