How do you decrease stitches evenly in a row?

How do you decrease a stitch in knitting?

When working a series of decreases, such as in a top-down sleeve or hat crown shaping, a knitter is often instructed to “rep Dec Row every # rows # number of times.” The Dec Row is included in that total number of rows, so make sure to begin the “V” count with the single stitch emerging from the decreased stitches.

How do you decrease two stitches evenly in a row?

To decrease stitches, work to the last two stitches of each segment (except the “extra segment”), then knit 2 stitches together, work an SSK decrease or decrease one stitch in any other way you like.

How do you decrease left leaning in knitting?

SSK (“slip, slip, knit”) – Work to the two stitches to be decreased, slip two stitches one at a time to the right-hand needle, as if to knit; insert the left-hand needle into the two stitches from front to back, knit the two stitches together and drop them. This creates a left-leaning decrease.

How do you add stitches evenly in a row?

To increase several stitches evenly across a row, you must figure out the best spacing for these increases in the same row.

  1. Take the number of stitches to be added and add 1. …
  2. Divide the total number of stitches on your needle by the number of spaces between the increases.
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