How do you turn work when knitting?

What does it mean to turn your work when knitting?

To flip your knitting so that the other side is facing you. On flat knitting, you have to turn your work after you finish every row. In pattern instructions, “turn your work” is shortened to “turn.”

How do you cast and turn in knitting?

To do a knitted cast-on: Insert your right-hand needle into the last stitch worked on your left-hand needle as if to knit, wrap and pull a loop through then twist the newly made stitch and slip it onto the left hand needle.

What is the purpose of short rows in knitting?

Short Rows are used to create triangles or wedges within your knitting. They shape everything from bust darts to ear flaps. Basically, a Short Row is just that: a row that you don’t knit to the end of the needle.

What is the best way to cast on in knitting?

1. How to basic cast on in knitting

  1. Create a slip knot. …
  2. Insert needle into the slip knot. …
  3. Bring the working yarn around the right needle tip. …
  4. Bring right needle under the left and through to the front.
  5. Bring the yarn under the right hand needle to create a loop (stitch).
  6. Transfer the stitch to left needle.
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