Question: How wide should a knit tie be?

Are men’s ties narrow or wide?

It’s simple: the width of your tie should be roughly as wide as the lapel on your jacket. Your classic notch lapel is typically around 3 3/8″ wide, and classic ties are in that ballpark. They tend to be anywhere between 3 1/4″ and 3 1/2″.

Is 3 inch tie too wide?

A 3″ tie is narrow enough to accommodate a small man without looking trendy, and a 3 1/2″ tie is wide enough to accommodate a large man without looking like he time-travelled from 1974.

Are knit ties still in?

A casual tie that you can wear formally

The knitted tie can be seen as a quite casual accessory. Nevertheless, wearing it at work, or at a wedding, is still appropriate. You only have to pick your knitted tie sober and pair it with a more formal suit.

Are wide lapels coming back?

Wide – Most wider lapels fall around the 3.5-inch mark and have seen a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to the return of bolder, Italian-influenced suiting styles. … Like a medium width, a wider-sized lapel works well with all lapel types, especially peak and notch.

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