Question: What are the types of measuring yarn unevenness?

What are the methods used to measure yarn unevenness?

Mainly two methods are used for measuring yarn irregularity.

  • Capacitive method (Uster evenness tester)
  • Optical method (Zweigle G580)

What is unevenness in yarn?

unevenness is a measure of variation in weight per unit length of the yarn or the variation in thickness of the yarn. Uster measures the yarn unevenness by a capacitive method. … As a result, the yarn produced has improved evenness.

How are yarns measured?

The yarn number or count in Tex system is the weight in grams of 1000 m of yarn. For example, yarn count 30 Tex means that there are 30 grams of yarn per 1000 m or 1 km of that yarn (mass per length) . In other words, yarn count 30 Tex means 1000 m of that yarn will weigh 30 gm.

What is CV in yarn?

The variation of the yarn count (CV count) is the variation from one bobbin to the other. … In general the lower the C.V.% the better is the measured value of the yarn.

What is yarn testing?

Yarn Tester is to determine physical properties of yarn, including measuring yarn diameter, yarn count, neps, strength, tension, moisture regains, etc. Yarn Tester complies with ISO 2060, ASTM D1907, ASTM D1422, ASTM D1423, ASTM D2256, ISO 2062, GB/T 3916, etc.

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What is evenness tester?

Evenness tester-600 is a computerized instrument designed to determine the mass variation and imperfection in yarn, roving and sliver. Capacitive principle for mass variation and imperfection. Instrument functions are controlled by advanced micro controller and windows based user friendly software.

What is yarn imperfection?

Imperfections can be defined as the total number of neps, thick and thin places in a given length of yarn. … A yarn with more imperfections will exhibit poor appearance grade, lower strength and poor performance in weaving is likely to produce fabric with low quality.

What size is 3 2 yarn?

So 3/2 is two plies of size three yarn and 5/2 is two plies of size five yarn. The number that describes the size is larger the thinner the yarn. So size 5 yarn is thinner than size 3 yarn.

What are the sizes of yarn?

Yarn Weight (Thickness)

Yarn Weight US Needle Size Knitting Stitches Per Inch, in Stockinette Stitch
Super fine, fingering, or baby-weight 1–3 7–8
Fine or sport-weight 3–6 5–6
Light worsted or DK (double-knitting) 5–7 5–5 1/2
Medium- or worsted-weight, afghan, Aran 7–9 4–5