Question: What does yarn forward twice mean?

What does twice mean in knitting?

It means to knit two stitches together twice. It’ll decrease two stitches. I don’t know if you knit english or continental, but the decrease is the same. It’s very easy and one of the most common decreases. Here’s a link to the videos.

What does yarn front mean in knitting?

Stitch Description

The With Yarn in Front instruction (abbreviated as wyif) is found generally in pattern where you slip a stitch. The abbreviation is really quite straightforward: it literally means that you bring your yarn to the front of the work.

What does y2rn mean in knitting?

Posted on March 27, 2014. A Double Yarn Over creates two new stitches and results in a much larger hole than a single yarn over. This video demonstrates a Double Yarn Over between knit and purl stitches for both Western and Continental knitters.

What does it mean to yarn forward?

A yarn forward is a technique that creates an opening or hole in your hand-knit piece. It is a useful technique for knitting lacy fabrics, buttonholes, or eyelets.

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