What causes wavy borders on quilts?

How wide should a border be on a quilt?

Borders should be in proportion to the size of the finished quilt. As a general rule of thumb, a small wall hanging should have a border of less than 6″ while a king-size quilt can handle a 12″ to 14″ border. Borders that are too wide diminish the quilt center design.

How do you fix a wavy binding?

So, how do I fix the wave?

  1. Choose a quilt batting with a higher loft. …
  2. Quilting in one direction can further distort your quilt. …
  3. If you’re working on a longarm, load the quilt top with a slight bit of negative ease at the top and bottom, and consider a border design that works from the outside edges in.

How do you block a quilt?

Take your quilt to the blocking board and lay it out. Using a ruler, and starting in the middle of your quilt, line up one side of the quilt with the straight edge of the insulation foam so that the border is completely straight. Pin this side in place using strong pins placed every 3-5 inches.

How wide should a border be on a queen size quilt?

Second: The width of the border should be at least one-half to two-thirds the size of the quilt block used in the quilt. This proportion keeps the eye on the center of the quilt which is the most important. The overall finished width of the border should not be larger than one quilt block.

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