What does red symbolize in Little Chinese Seamstress?

What is the connection between the Red beaked Ravens and the Little Seamstress?

Raven. In the beginning of Part 3, the narrator sees a red-beaked raven while crossing a chasm with Luo to see the Little Seamstress. A raven is a scavenger bird, meaning it feeds on dead animals. This and its black coloration often lead people to see ravens as a symbol of death.

What does the seamstress father have carried from village to village and why?

He travels from village to village with his old sewing machine and is treated like a king wherever he goes, while the Little Seamstress stays at home with a newer sewing machine. Sewing and clothing construction are treated with a similar reverence to storytelling, as shown by the tailor’s kingly status.

What surprised the narrator when he and Luo went to see the Little Seamstress?

When the Little Seamstress tells Luo and the narrator that she doesn’t read or write much, it seems likely that she is lying and doesn’t write at all. Therefore, the pair are likely both surprised when the Little Seamstress’s letter to Luo arrives.

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How does the narrator control the needle used to drill the headman’s tooth?

Since the sewing machine needle is nowhere near as fast as a dentist’s drill, it is very painful, and the headman protests. … The narrator will work the sewing machine’s treadle, the part that moves the needle, to drill the headman’s tooth.

What does the narrator learn from Jean Christophe?

The narrator is particularly inspired by the novel Jean-Christophe, which helps him to develop his own personal philosophy that champions individuals who stand up to take individual action against the world.

Can the Little Seamstress read?

The Little Seamstress, the daughter of a famous local tailor, is a rare beauty with no formal education who cannot read well, so Luo and the narrator read to her.

Why does Luo hit the narrator?

These chapters begin the theme of friendship. The narrator describes Luo as “the best friend I ever had.” Although Luo punched the narrator, it was because he was upset that the narrator saw his father be humiliated, rather than because of something the narrator did.

What does the village headman want Luo to fill his tooth with?

One evening the headman asks Luo, who surely saw his father perform dental work, to fill his aching tooth with tin. If he does, the headman will give him a month off. Luo says he can’t because he has no drill. A few days later the tailor comes to the village, without the Little Seamstress.

Why does four eyes say he remains friends with the narrator and Luo?

Four-Eyes is generally suspicious of other people and he regularly behaves in ways that are purely self-serving. Luo and the narrator hear him admit that he only remains friends with Luo so he can someday call on the dentist, Luo’s father, for dental work.

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Why did Luo want to read the book to the Little Seamstress?

By reading Balzac to her, Luo intends to make the Little Seamstress cultured enough to be worthy of his affections, but his education has an unintended effect: she gains the confidence and vision to leave the mountain for good by herself.