What is the meaning of C in crochet?

What is DCB in crochet?

The Back Loop Double Crochet is a variation on the traditional Double Crochet stitch. The main difference is that instead of inserting your hook underneath the entire stitch, the hook enters the center of the stitch, and exits underneath the back loop.

What does AU mean in crochet?

Crochet Terminology and Abbreviations

single crochet = sc double crochet = dc FM = feste Masche
st = stitch st = stitch M = Masche
slip stitch = sl st slip stitch = sl st KM = Kettmasche
half double crochet = hdc half treble crochet = htr hStb = halbes Stäbchen

What does PC mean in crochet?

This popcorn crochet stitch really pops! The popcorn stitch (abbreviated pop or pc) is a nicely rounded, compact oval that stands out from the fabric. It takes a bit more time to make than other raised stitches, but it’s well worth the effort.

What does F o mean in crochet?

FO. Finished Object. This is just what it says. A knit or crochet project that is entirely finished – including hiding the yarn ends … The opposite of an FO might be OTN, PHD, WIP or UFO.

Why do we need to study the abbreviations in crochet?

When looking at a pattern to create something using the needlecraft known as crochet, you are bound to run into a lot of crochet abbreviations. Abbreviations are meant to make patterns more succinct and easier to follow by standardizing the methodology of crocheting.

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What does pat mean in crochet?

“Pat” is likely short for “pattern stitch“.