You asked: What is SSP in knitting?

Which way does SSP lean?

The purl 2 together through the back loop (p2tog tbl) and slip slip purl (ssp) both lean right on the purl side and left on the knit side and correlate with a right-side slip slip knit (ssk).

What is SPP knitting?

SPP Slip, Purl, Pass. Slip 1, Purl 1, Pass slipped stitch over the purl stitch.

Is SSK the same as k2tog TBL?

K2tog-tbl does not produce the same result as SSK: with k2tog-tbl the stitches get twisted (they don’t in the SSK). The two stitches do look different. … And if you don’t like the ‘wiggly line’ that sits above a column of SSK decreases, work the stitch that sits above the decrease, in the even rows/rounds, tbl.

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