Your question: How do you control yarn faults?

What are the faults of yarn?

Yarn faults

  • Slubs.
  • Crackers.
  • Spinner double.
  • Thick thin places.
  • Neps.
  • Spun in fly.
  • Hairiness.

How do you reduce a Classimat fault?

The blends with lower viscose content shows less occurrence of classimat faults. Increase in the fiber length increased the total faults but increase in the fiber denier decreased the total faults. Fiber length and denier have significant effect on A & B type of faults.

How do you reduce thickness in yarn?

Increase in twist binds the yarn more tightly together which reduces on the number of thick places/km.

What is CV in yarn?

The variation of the yarn count (CV count) is the variation from one bobbin to the other. … In general the lower the C.V.% the better is the measured value of the yarn.

What is periodic fault?

Periodic faults do not arise only drawing stage as mentioned before. This type of faults may also arise in blow room, carding, roving and spinning process due to some machinery and drafting causes. The lengths of periods can be determined on the spectrogram. … There are mainly two types of spectrograms.

What is slub yarn?

: a yarn with thick and thin sections alternating regularly or irregularly — compare slub.

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What is yarn imperfection?

Imperfections can be defined as the total number of neps, thick and thin places in a given length of yarn. … A yarn with more imperfections will exhibit poor appearance grade, lower strength and poor performance in weaving is likely to produce fabric with low quality.

What is Neps yarn?

Textile terms and definitions define a `Nep’ as a small knot of entangled fibers that usually comprises dead or immature fibers. Neps in cotton continue to be a major problem in the cotton yarn manufacturing process. The two main factors affecting nep formation are fiber characteristics and mechanical processing.

Which process is used to remove thick and thin places from the yarn?

A yarn clearer is a device to remove faults (thick places, thin places, foreign matter) from the yarn. Yarn clearing improves the quality of the spun yarn and hence of the cloth made of it. Clear, uniform yarn is especially important for smooth operation of high-speed textile machinery.