Your question: What kind of bobbin does a singer 7258 use?

Do all Singer machines use the same bobbins?

There is no such thing as a universal bobbin, meaning no single bobbin will fit every sewing machine. Some sewing machines tolerate a slightly different bobbin better than others, but using the incorrect bobbin will most likely affect the stitch quality of your project, and could result in damage to your machine.

Can Singer 7258 sew denim?

You can make a wide variety of things with the 7258. You can do fashion sewing, small to medium quilts, decorative sewing, trouser hems, cuffs, children’s clothing, and more. You can sew through denim, knits, garment weight leather, fleece and more.

What happens if you use the wrong size bobbin?

The short answer is YES! Filling a sewing machine bobbin too tightly can make a plastic bobbin bulge or stretch the thread if you are using a metal bobbin. This may be hard to see but can cause all kinds of problems. Plastic bobbins can become compressed in the center causing the bobbin to distort.

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