Are Kantha quilts ethically made?

Can you wash kantha quilts?

We wash each of our quilt before sending to customer. If there is any remaining scent, simply throw it in the wash (cold, gentle, tumble on low) or hang it out to air (or dry clean for silk blends).

What is a sari quilt?

Aug 16, 2018. Our large kantha quilts are entirely hand stitched from recycled cotton saris that we hand select from vintage markets in India. Saris are a piece of cloth elegantly wrapped and worn by women in India. Our name comes from the anchal, the most decorative edge of a sari, draped over the woman’s shoulder.

What is a kantha pillow?

The ‘Sunset Poppy’ Kantha range is a beautiful floral and feminine print combining vibrant orange, peach and pink hues. … Colourful cotton hand stitching throughout the pillow cases create the Kantha design.

Do Kantha quilts use batting?

A little backstory first: Kantha is a type of quilt mostly created in West Bengal. It is a quilt using no batting, but rather one made from two to five layers of old, used saris.

How do you wash Indian quilts?

Caring for your Indian Hand Block Printed Bed Quilt

  1. Gentle hand/machine wash in cold water.
  2. Use chemical free laundry liquid.
  3. Wash strong coloured items separately.
  4. Do not wring or tumble dry.
  5. Dry flat away from strong, direct sunlight.

Where are kantha quilts made?

Kantha is a Bengali word that means “old cloth.” Women in West Bengal, India, and Bangladesh have made Kantha quilts out of their worn sari’s (the traditional dress of Indian women) for hundreds of years.

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