Best answer: Can you use acrylic paint on barn quilt?

What do you seal a barn quilt with?

All my Barn Quilts are finally sealed with a water-based Protective Sealer. This is the final step to making your American Garden Barn Quilt weather resistant. I don’t use any type of polyurethane as this can discolor your barn quilt over time.

Should I seal my barn quilt?

Do not put a sealer or varnish on the barn quilt. Varnish will turn the colors yellow, and a sealer of any kind will prevent retouching, which you may want to do at some point.

Can you paint a quilt?

Regular acrylic paints can be used on fabric with the addition of fabric medium. Fabric acrylic paints or textile paints have ingredients in them that allow them to become permanent on fabric. After heat setting (follow the manufacturer’s instructions) most are even washable.

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