Best answer: What does bobbin mean in England?

What is a bobbin in England?

bobbin in British English

(ˈbɒbɪn ) noun. a spool or reel on which thread or yarn is wound, being unwound as required; spool; reel. narrow braid or cord used as binding or for trimming.

What is a bobbins in British slang?

(plural) British slang matter that is worthless or of inferior quality; rubbish.

What does bobbin mean in slang?

bobbins (uncountable) (Lancashire, slang) crap, rubbish, something worthless or nonsensical quotations ▼

Why is it called a bobbin?

Bobbin comes from the French bobine, “small instrument used in sewing,” which shares a Latin root with babble, for the sound it makes while unspooling.

What is another word for bobbin?

What is another word for bobbin?

drum roll
braid coil
cord cylinder
pin quill
ratchet reel

What is a Nobbin?

Nobbin is a village in the municipality of Putgarten on the Wittow peninsula on the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen. The village, comprising just a few houses, lies between the road from Altenkirchen to Arkona and the bay of Tromper Wiek.

What is the meaning of bobbin case?

The bobbin case for the industrial sewing machine is a small but complex piece of the machine. … Some domestic machines have a bobbin case that is permanently fixed into the sewing machine. The purpose of the bobbin case is to support the bobbin in the sewing machine so that the machine stitches can be formed.

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What does Bobing mean?

vb, bobs, bobbing or bobbed. 1. to move or cause to move up and down repeatedly, as while floating in water. 2. to move or cause to move with a short abrupt movement, as of the head.

What does weft stand for?


Acronym Definition
WEFT Written English for Tourism
WEFT Water Eliminated Fourier Transform (chemistry)
WEFT Wing, Engine, Fuselage, and Tail
WEFT Wrong Every Flipping Time (polite form)

What is the difference between a spool and a bobbin?

As nouns the difference between spool and bobbin

is that spool is a device around which thread, wire or cable is wound, especially a cylinder or spindle or spool can be a small swimming pool that can be used also as a spa while bobbin is a spool or cylinder around which wire is coiled.

What does throat plate mean?

1 : throat sheet. 2 : a flat plate holding the feed dog of a sewing machine.