Best answer: What is a bar increase in knitting?

What is a bar increase?

The bar increase gets its name from the telltale horizontal bar under the increased stitch, Being able to increase (abbreviated inc) stitches along the edge of a knitted piece enables you to create knitted pieces with edges that taper and expand.

What is the best way to increase in knitting?

One of the most common increases, found in over ten Stitch & Story patterns, is the knit front back (kfb). A relatively easy way of increasing the number of stitches on your knitting needle, this increase turns one stitch into two by knitting into the front and back loop of the same stitch.

What is the best way to decrease in knitting?

Make a new decrease by knitting two stitches together. Insert the needle through the next two stitches and knit a stitch. You will see how the decrease at the end of the row leans to the right. Repeat and knit as many decreases as you need.

What is the stocking stitch in knitting?

Stocking stitch, or stockinette stitch, is the second most basic of stitch patterns and is created by alternating rows of knit and purl stitches. The right side of the fabric has a ‘V’ pattern and the wrong side has a bar pattern.

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