Do you tie a knot after weaving in ends?

Do you tie a knot at the end of knitting?

Once you are finished with your knitting you will want to get rid of these tails by weaving the ends into your knitting. While tying a knot and snipping your yarn close is tempting, DON’T DO IT!

Do you block before or after weaving in ends?

Here’s my rationale: you need to wash and block pieces before you sew up, and since—see below—a seam is my favorite place to weave in an end, you need to have seamed the garment. Also, if you weave before washing and blocking, and the fabric relaxes, it can result in a pucker or bunch in the fabric.

What does weave in ends mean in knitting?

When you finish knitting, weaving in ends is simply a way to get rid of the loose dangling yarn ends that are left over.

Do you have to block knitting after every wash?

You will not need to fully reblock a wool sweater every time you wash it, but you will have to reshape a little and let it dry flat every time, just as you would if it was a store-bought wool sweater. When in doubt about how to best wash your newly knitted item, always refer to the yarn label.

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