Frequent question: How do you attach curtain trim without sewing?

How do you attach trim to curtains?

Going around corners to add trim is easy. You may have to fold your trim a bit if the curve is tight; simply take the heading and pin a small pleat in it at the corner and stitch it in place. Don’t stress out your trim!

How can I make my curtains shorter without cutting them?

When curtains appear too long, try sewing a hem, which can allow you to shorten curtains without cutting curtains to length so you can retain the fabric if you want to. Another way of shortening curtains is to incorporate a folded design with buttons as fasteners. Folding the curtain hem up creates a double hem.

Do I need a sewing machine to make curtains?

And a proper sewing machine for curtains will make sure it looks just like a professionally made one. After all, draperies and similar window adornments are highly visible, so you don’t want to have half-assed creations setting the tone for your living space.

What is the best way to attach ribbon to fabric?

Take a tiny stitch just into the edge of the ribbon. Bring the thread back into the fabric, making stitches every ¼” and spacing them evenly along the length of the ribbon. A small bead can be sewn in place with each slip stitch to add additional detail to the ribbon.

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Is fabric glue as good as sewing?

Fabric glue is very handy to have on hand. But it is not a replacement for sewing. You will still have to sew if your project is going to last a long time and look good. Where fabric glue works best is in basting, replacing pins, and helping with pockets.