How do you crochet a Plarn tote bag?

How many bags does it take to make a Plarn bag?

You’ll need a lot of plastic bags. The amount I ended up cutting up was about 60, giving me some extra plarn at the end. Bags without holes or obvious stretching from groceries are the only bags you’ll want to use.

What size crochet hook do you use with Plarn?

You’ll need a crochet hook size 10 or above. If you get a really large crochet hook, you will find that it’s easier to crochet looser, making the mat more cushiony, and making it more comfortable to crochet with the plastic.

What is Plarning?

Plarn is short for “plastic yarn.” Plarn is made by cutting plastic grocery bags into strips, which are then strung together into a single long strand. You can use plarn instead of regular yarn to crochet sturdy, reusable tote bags, purses, doormats, and more.

How long does it take to make a Plarn bag?

A: It only takes a minute to fold and cut each plastic bag into strips then loop them end to end. Once enough plarn is made, it only takes about a week to crochet the plastic into something new and reusable.

How do you spin Plarn?

To spin the plarn, you can just twist it in your fingers while rolling it into a ball. This takes quite a long time to accomplish, though. A drop spindle can be very helpful.

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