How do you make a cushion cover without a sewing machine?

Can you make pillow covers without a sewing machine?

no sew. You can literally wrap your already covered pillow (or pillow form) up like a burrito, meaning the only thing you have to purchase is fabric from your local craft store. You simply take a square of fabric, place the pillow towards one corner, wrap, tie, and you’re done!

How do you make a cushion cover without a zip?

For the corners, I cut 4” x 26” strips (see diagram) and pinned them to both the top and bottom then sewed all around to form corners. Instead of a zipper, I used velcro strips and sewed them to the hemmed back of the cushion cover. It closes up tightly with velcro but removes easily when it needs washed. Simple!

How do I calculate how much fabric I need for a cushion?

Measure the height of the cushion if you are covering a box cushion. Multiply the width of the cushion by two and the depth of the cushion by two, and add those numbers together to figure out how much fabric you will need to make the sides, front and back of the box cushion. Add 2 inches for seam allowances.

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