How do you make a flat pinwheel quilt block?

How do you get pinwheels to lay flat?

Pressing for a Flat Pinwheel Block

Here’s the important part: Gently press the center of your pinwheel seam to open the seam up. This will push one side up and one side down. Once you’ve got it how you want it, press. Press it really well!

How do pinwheels reduce bulk?

Press triangle units so that horizontal seams “pinwheel” in different directions. To reduce bulk at a Y-seam intersection, sew unit as instructed, creating vertical seam and then setting in third patch. To reduce bulk, first press vertical seam open. Then press seam allowance away from set-in piece.

How do you keep seams flat?

Here is what you’re going to do:

Press on the backside of your fabric piece first to get the seam to lay flat. Press your seams however you like. Then turn your piece over and give it a light pressing on the front side of your seam as well. This will set the seam from both sides.

Do you use steam when pressing quilt blocks?

When used correctly, steam can help the pressing process. However, if you use steam with an ironing motion, be aware that the moisture and movement can distort the sewn units. Here, then, is the basic method for pressing seams for quilting.

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