How do you measure sock size in knitting?

How long is the leg of a knitted sock?

Knit the cuff to your desired length (1 to 2 inches for anklets, 6 to 8 inches for standard socks). Keep in mind that if you make very long cuffs, it may be necessary to start out with more stitches, because your leg gets wider toward the top.

What are youth sock sizes?

Sock Size conversion Chart

Age of Child Shoe Size Sock Size
1-2 years 3-7 5-6.5
1.5-4 years 6-11 6-7.5
3-7 years 9-1 7-8.5
5-10 years 12-6 (youth) 8-9.5

What length is a crew sock?

Crew. One of the most classic styles of socks, crew length is anywhere between the ankle to mid-calf. A cut that can be featured in casual socks, dress socks, and athletic socks, crew socks work all year round and are very versatile in terms of use.

Is it easier to knit socks top down or tie up?

I like to recommend new sock knitters start with a top-down sock, for the simple reason that the start is easier. … They both have their tricky bits: the toe of a toe-up sock can be fiddly, and the gusset pickup can be challenging for a top-down sock.

How long is a size 8 sock?

Zero ease means simply that the circumference of the sock and foot are the same.


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Shoe size (US) Foot length (inch) Estimated foot circumference (inch)
7 559 612
8 589 7
9 629 7
10 659 7