How do you print a quilt label?

What size should a quilt label be?

It’s up to you but the first three items are very important! In terms of size, the choice is yours. My quilt labels are generally about 6 x 4″, with a small allowance for turning the edges under to stitch on the quilt. Leave plenty of room for your written details.

What information do you put on a quilt label?

Some ideas of what you might want to include on the label:

  1. The name of the quilt.
  2. The reason it was made – special occasion – holiday, graduation, wedding, birth, friendship,
  3. Topper’s name.
  4. Quilter’s name.
  5. Date and place where it was completed (or maybe even start date if you can remember that far back!)
  6. Care instructions.

What do you say on a quilt label?

Write or embroider the quilt label information on the quilt backing before quilting.

Top information to include on quilt labels:

  • Date.
  • Quilt maker’s name.
  • Name of the quilt.
  • Name of the recipient.
  • Name of the quilter.
  • Location made.
  • Occasion quilt made for.
  • Personal message.
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