How do you turn a sewing machine into a felting machine?

Can you use a sewing machine for felting?

For sewing felt on a sewing machine, a medium-sized needle 70/10 or 80/12 will work well for regular felt. Thicker felt or more than two layers might require 90/14 needle. But be careful, a thicker needle may leave holes.

Can you felt wool with a sewing machine?

Felt doesn’t fray, it doesn’t move around on you when you start stitching, and it’s cheap and easy to find (unless you upgrade to wool–more on that later). You can sew it by hand or with a machine, and it comes in umpteenmillion colors.

Does felt fray when cut?

Because felt isn’t woven, cut edges won’t fray. This makes it a great material for no-sew craft projects, as well as an excellent practice material for kids first learning how to sew.

What can I use as a base for needle felting?

Denim fabric is generally a very good base for needle felting onto. It would not come to mind as a base for a large wall hanging, but that is not to say you could not decorate a large piece.

How long is needle felting?

Give one last look and felt any stray fibers with a 42 needle and felt horizontally to give it a smoother look. Snip loose fibres closely using a sharp pair of scissors. Beautiful! A piece such as this one can take upwards of 15-20 hours.

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