How wide is a weaving bead?

How big is a weld bead?

Minimum Fillet Weld Size per AWS D1. 1 Table

Base metal thickness (T) a Minimum size of fillet weld b
in mm in
1/4 6 3/16
1/2 12 1/4
¾ 20 5/16

What is the maximum width of the weld cover pass?

The structural welding code/steel limits the maximum low hydrogen electrode diameter to 5/32 inch. Based on the leg dimension, the width of the fillet face should be on the order of 0.7 inches. Remember, this is a single pass weld.

What causes wide bead in welding?

Wire feed speed/amperage too high – Setting the wire feed speed or amperage too high (depending on what type of machine you’re using) can cause poor arc starts and lead to an excessively wide weld bead, burn-through and distortion.

How do I calculate what size weld I need?

Calculate the weld size, s, at each node on the intersecting edge of the terminated part:

  1. SS or DS groove welds: s = t. w
  2. SS or DS 45 ° fillet welds: s = sqrt(2) × t. w

How wide can you weave a weld?

The amount of weave is dependent on weld joint geometry, welding position, and type of coated electrode. A rule of thumb is that the maximum weave width should be about three times the electrode core wire diameter. Once deposited, weld beads should preferably exhibit a slightly convex surface contour.

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Why should a covered electrode never be bent?

Why should a covered electrode never be bent? The covering will crack and poor welds will result.

Should you weave when MIG welding?

The general guidelines for MIG welding are whip when welding thin metal or making the first pass in a joint, circles for a both thicker materials and wider welds. Weave for vertical up and down.

What is a stringer bead used for?

In welding, a type of bead which is made by moving the welding electrode in a direction parallel to the axis of the bead, without appreciable transverse oscillation.

What is the meaning of stringer bead?

Stringer bead – A narrow, straight weld bead that is created by moving the SMAW electrode straight along the weld joint. A quality stringer bead should have good tie-in on both sides of the weld. … Fill – Also referred to as a fill pass, it is the amount of weld bead necessary to fill the weld joint.

Is stick or MIG welding easier?

Stick is a slower process than MIG. That said, stick welders are more forgiving on dirty or rusty materials and better suited to outdoor conditions than MIG. While you may be familiar with stick welding, MIG welding is the easiest process to learn.