Quick Answer: Can I use castor oil on my weave?

Can I put oil on my weave?

Make sure you oil it every three days with suitable scalp products, but be careful not to get the oil on your weave. … Put any grease or oil on your weave. Olive oil, coconut oil and any other oils can make your hair look cheap, synthetic and heavy.

Can I put castor oil on my hair extensions?

A cold-pressed castor oil will bring you extraordinary results. It helps your strands fight breakage and will provide shine and gloss to your hair’s texture. Its consistency is thick so it is recommended that you mix it with another oil, and you will see a better outcome.

Can I use black castor oil on my weave?

Buy castor oil

Don’t put the oil into the weave itself, use it on your leave-out and along your temple and nape of the weave. I like Jamaican castor oil, but if you can’t find it, normal castor oil will work too. This will keep you hair strong and thicken it while you wear a weave.

What oil is good for weave?

Hair Oils for Hair Weave

Great hair oils (and butters) are plant-based and include almond, argan, avocado, castor, cocoa, coconut, jojoba, olive, rosehip and shea and cold pressed versions contain the highest levels of nutrients for hair.

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What products can I put on my weave?

Check out some must-haves from the site for caring for your weave and the hair underneath it.

  • Girl + Hair Biotin Infused Hydration Milk. …
  • Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil Thermal & Heat Protectant Spray. …
  • MIZANI 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil. …
  • The Mane Choice Do It “Fro” The Culture Accomplished Triple Layer Leave-In.

How do you oil your scalp under weave?

Essential oils: Natural oils like jojoba and tea tree can help your scalp feel less itchy and lock in moisture beneath your weave. You can place some of these oils (be sure to dilute tea tree oil) directly on your scalp and gently massage them in. Be sure not to use too much, or they could loosen your braids.

How do I keep my weave silky and shiny?


  1. Use silicon serum / spray in your hair to keep it silky, shiny, and tangle free. …
  2. Brush your wig / weave twice a day, starting at the tips. …
  3. Wash your hair at least once a week. …
  4. Never sleep with wet or damp hair.
  5. We recommend air drying your hair. …
  6. Spray leave-in conditioner and brush gently.

Can you put coconut oil on weave?

Benefits: Coconut oil can be used to keep the ends of your hair extensions moisturized. … Another benefit to using coconut oil for your hair extensions is that it gives them shine. Warning: Coconut oil is very heavy so you will have to wash your hair very well after the treatment. Shampoo your hair twice just to be sure.

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