Quick Answer: How do you sew a neckline on a dress?

What is the purpose of facing in sewing?

Facing is mostly used to finish the edges in necklines, armholes, hems and openings. They are also used widely in all other sewing like quilts and home decor items like curtain hems. Shaped facings are cut to match the outside shape of the piece to provide a neat finish, and are often cut from the same pattern pieces.

What size shirt is a 17 inch collar?

Men’s Body Measurement Chart

COLLAR (inches) 14.5-15.5″ 16-17″
COLLAR (cm) 37-39cm 41-43cm
CHEST (inches) 36-37.5″ 40-41.5″
CHEST (cm) 91-95cm 101-105cm
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