Quick Answer: What is CDP yarn?

What is CDP fabric?

Cationic dyeable polyester(CDP) was produced through melt blending of cationic chips having of sodium salt of dimethyl ester of 5-sulfoisophthalic acid(DMS salt) and normal polyester chips in different proportions to obtain yarns having varying amount of comonomer in the fiber.

What is CDP polyester?

Cationic Dyeable Polyester (CDP) is a special modified polyester fiber which is charged with anionic groups during polymerization. Having anionic groups, it can be dyed with cationic dyes giving good results with high brilliancy.

What does cationic Yarn mean?

A type of dye used on acrylic or on modified polyester or modified nylon yarn. Often used to achieve cross dyed effects: Cationic dyeable yarn is woven in a pattern with regular yarn in the same fabric.

What is cationic dye?

Cationic dyes are dyes that can be dissociated into positively charged ions in aqueous solution. They can interact with the negative groups on the fiber molecules to form salts, which can be further firmly attached to the fibers, thereby staining the fibers.

What are basic dyes?

Basic dyes are water-soluble cationic dyes that are mainly applied to acrylic fibers, but find some use for wool and silk. Usually acetic acid is added to the dye bath to help the uptake of the dye onto the fiber. Basic dyes are also used in the coloration of paper.

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Why are basic dyes cationic?

Basic dyes are called cationic dyes because when salts of organic bases are ionize into anionic and cationic part that’s time cation is the responsible for color production. On the otherhand basic dyes are basically hydro-chloride or salts of organic bases.

What is the meaning of cationic?

1 : of, relating to, or being a cation. 2 : characterized by an active and especially surface-active cation a cationic dye. Other Words from cationic More Example Sentences Learn More About cationic.

Is cotton anionic or cationic?

Although Cotton is inherently anionic, cationic dyes are not used for reactive dyeing. Rather, common practice is cationisation of cotton followed by anionic dyeing.

What is cationic Jersey?

Cationic polyester/spandex jersey fabric is kind of mixing ratio of conventional cationic polyester filament and polyester filament. Its special structure makes it easier to dying for both cationic and polyester. Cationic polyester fabric VS conventional polyester/spandex jersey fabric.